Staying Motivated To Ride

Someone asked how I stay motivated.

That’s a good question.  Not sure.  I show up, do things, and when it’s over everything’s usually better than at the start.  Don’t know – this is rewarding somehow, even when the riding doesn’t go all that well.  Which is often…

Very bad answer.  Can someone fill in?

Maybe it’s easy when the horse thing is so expensive so you can’t just “sit around?”  Hard to justify it all then.  Really – someone else needs to chime in with how you stay motivated! 🙂

Riding the Curious Miss Blue.

blue horse dressage


Who wouldn’t want to show up to a sophisticated face like this?

horse smiling


Hope you get some time in the saddle this weekend!

18 thoughts on “Staying Motivated To Ride

  1. The other morning I woke up and I was just “down in the dumps”. No real reason just low and blue. I went to the barn and rode. I worked on the things my coach had assigned. It was an OK ride. When I got off I noticed I was feeling fine. My gloom had lifted and I was feeling bright and happy. That is what motivates me because it never fails me. When I ride, even if it is not a good ride, I will finish in a better mood than I started.

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    1. This, exactly!
      Thank you for chiming in. Just the whole thing around it, even if often a bit of a chore and yep, most definitely hard work, we still know it’s a mood booster when all is said and done 🙂

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  2. When it becomes work and not fun, it’s time to quit.

    BTW, are you anywhere close to Rancho Murieta? I ask because the girls are considering riding two CSI3* shows there. They might be given conditional, mid-season entry on the WC tour if they do.

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  3. I stay motivated to ride because I goal set, I have little goals, milestone goals and big goals. My reasons ‘why’ I want to achieve these goals are very powerful. I am disciplined with myself and I know I will not reach my goals without putting the work in, which keeps me motivated to ride even when I feel like I can’t be bothered. A small step in training is better than no steps at all 🙌 loved reading this post and the pictures are amazing, that’s one very beautiful horsey! 😍

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    1. Goal, yes to this!!
      It’s one of the main motivators for me too. Always evolving, expanding, getting better and growing. It’s why I love dressage too: you’re never done !😊
      Welcome to the blog and thank you SO much for your kind comments. I love taking pictures of my very average horse and making her something special 😍

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  4. First and foremost, I know that when I ride and after I ride is when I feel my best. But. We all have our days. As do the horses. I also allow my relationship with my horses to be more than just riding. That is what motivates me more than anything. It takes the pressure away when I keep putting the pressure on myself…and them. It helps to keep it fun and positive when we are having a day.

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  5. It’s so true, maybe it is that it is so expensive so you should show up.
    I find that it is my respite, my therapy. When I am with my horses or riding I am who I really am and the world is just wonderful and a happy place again.
    Perhaps this is because I had a horse when I was younger. When my parents divorced; i rode my horse. when my mum passed away; i rode my horse. If i was heartbroken; I rode my horse. And then when i was done, my mind was clear and i could just keep on keeping on as i say.

    It is my constant, my go-to if you will. And i just bloody love it as well. That feeling of cantering a horse in the cool air when it is sunrise!!! how can anything be better than that!
    Love your site; only just found it…
    happy riding & Keep smiling
    Mel x

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    1. Hi Melissa and welcome to the blog!
      Wow, an Aussie! Cool 🙂

      I agree with you in all of this – the horses and the riding are a true respite. And to be honest, a large part of why I’ve kept things sort of “small”. One horse, no major push to try to be something else. Easy to get jaded that way, feel stressed, and lose track of why we started the whole thing in the first place 🙂

      Have a wonderful horse weekend!

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