Another Warmup, After The Warmup?.. Getting To The Good Part Of The Ride

It’s taking too long!

After the walk warmup, and trot in both directions, we’re still not ready to work.  Of course super common with a young, average horse, but about now, we should be where we can get to the “good part” of the ride much sooner.

goode rider iconic fit breeches

dressage on a dime 2017

(You haven’t seen all the strange fussing around the first 25 minutes or more, so I’ll point out that this is from the good part of the ride.  Humbling.  Still, she looks great when she gets there!)

The best reward for her would be to do something really good, and just ending it there!  With a short ride.

dressage blog 2017

bad mane cut on horse
#GirlProblems When your mane looks like a mullet…

But we take long to get to the 10 minutes of Good Work, so, the 25 minute ride never happens.

Tell you when it does!  (You know, when there’s nothing else to look at and she just comes in really focused.  One day!)

breeches from goode rider


Her favorite – hanging out, standing around, petting.  Would make the best therapy horse ever!

gray dressage horse

Go Gray Mare!

summer riding

11 thoughts on “Another Warmup, After The Warmup?.. Getting To The Good Part Of The Ride

    1. That’s exactly where we’re at too Teresa. Feel sometimes it’s too much. You know, when it’s SO hot here and all. She just takes a while to really get on the aids… and I never feel like I can reward with that Super short little ride.


  1. The photos are lovely and she looks so good. However I do sympathize about the warm up. My coach has given me very precise instructions about my warm up. I can trot in a lower frame and then bring him up a bit for the canter and the canter can only be a maximum of 10 minutes. I have to accomplish what is needed in that time or less. Otherwise he just gets strung out. That is where he likes to be of course. I have found this structure works well but Biasini is 12 and knows his job , Not the same for a younger horse. Carry on Elinor you are doing good work.

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    1. This is how I envisioned the warm-up to be for us too, after the first 6 months of training or so. Took me way too long to figure out it wouldn’t happen that way. So disappointed, haha 🤐
      Any type of relaxed low doesn’t happen for her at the beginning, then she’ll remain on the forehand forever. She has to canter to release the back, and come to the right mindset. First after that I can try to get some sort of connection to the hind. How much time I’ve waisted with relaxed trot to start 😉
      And now bet she’ll change again later when she becomes more seasoned like Biasini!


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