One of those days where you really don’t have to say much

‘Nuff said, type of day.

So thrilled to have this horse.

tacking up before a ride

Well, honestly, it’s just a regular day.  But with just the right combination of exhaustion, caffeine refueling, cold water and sugary treat – it’s just extra great.

young boy and horse


Can’t wait to get back on soon.  Maybe vacations are over rated.

horse with halter too low

16 thoughts on “One of those days where you really don’t have to say much

  1. Love the dramatic b&w pics. Also, always love how much you appreciate the whole experience of having this beautiful (if demanding) creature in your life, and how your exuberance in sharing that experience with others.

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    1. 😊 Thank you Jan! It’s easy to get stuck with always working to improve, training, and looking at the next step the whole time. In reality, it’s really nice just to go out and say “Hi” to the horse too… Good ride or not 🙂


    1. Soft! Which is why I still haven’t retired it for her super nice new leather halter. (After summer for sure!)
      It’s from Horze. Don’t buy the lead Annette, it sucks!!!


    1. Oh, and I should add that I totally Adore my oldest for coming out with me for some hours in the barn to take pictures. Even though he has to spend 2 hrs in the car for it. Love him!


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