More Schooling Pictures. Wanna See Them?

Got a lot of pictures from a ride.

It feels, well, almost fake to post them.  The site is all about showing things as they are – for real.  Honestly – most parts of the riding session is not all this smooth and happy.  (Surprise!  Yeah, no surprise.)

happy riding


Mostly, she’s fuzzy and tweaky like this.

horse unsteady in contact


Posting more good shots next time anyway!    It’s all about small improvements, and she’s trying so much harder than a year ago!horse cantering with poll up

15 thoughts on “More Schooling Pictures. Wanna See Them?

        1. Here’s the sappy part I won’t really write about: Came back Monday, 1st ride after 9 days. She seemed stunned in pasture, walked, no traipsed, happy to the barn, and then had the most forward and submissive ride ever. Usually a twerp after time off, I think she’s actually missed both the work and me 😉

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          1. YAY! I am happy to hear this. I think that they do like the work. I was away last week for a couple of days helping my daughter and her family to move into a new home. Biasini was ridden by Lynsey wo took him for some gallops and hacks. But yesterday, A Monday (usually a blah ride) he was really very good. So I agree with you I think they like to be in work and Valiosa was happy to see you.

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