Positivity Week!

Time to try something different!

Ready for this!!??

The rest of this week will be all about looking at the horse and the riding from a positive perspective.

Calling it the Positivity Week.

Got that?  It means a full week involving ONLY positive horse postings. 

Think about that for a second – maybe harder than we think?…

We’re about to find out!

Join in at any time!

boy and whippet dog

Weeks of hot summer days left, even if school has already started.  I’ll miss having this little guy around.


Come back tomorrow for the first post in the short “Positivity Series.” 

You know, to double-check that I’m keeping up on the plan.

Inviting anyone to join in with comments – on a positive note too, to up the challenge.  Or even more fun, jump in with a link to your own post in a Positive Spirit!

Gray Mare.  She’s very excited about this!

close up of horse head

15 thoughts on “Positivity Week!

  1. Hi Elinor!
    It’s been a while, but back in blogging business again.
    I love positivity week! It helps me most of the time when my horse isn’t really doing what I had in mind LOL!
    Is that a Whippet in the first pic? I have one, Olaf!
    🙂 Merel

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