Positivity Week Day 1: Better Walk

Here we go!

The rules for this week again:  Only positive observations about the horse or rider.  Whether writing or reading.  Very easy concept.  Not easy for me to pull off 🙂 biggest self-critic ever.

First out of the Positivity posts We’ve got a better walk!

She’d feel like wavering around, or alternating with transmission/engine problem half-stops for the first year.  Weird looking gait, crazy amount of weird evasions.  And, well, not very confidence building since if you don’t even have the walk right there’s a lot of work to do.

Now, coming back from free walk to working walk sometimes happen with minimal fuss.

from free walk to working walk

She can stay soft in a demi stretch for a few steps here and there.  And she’s growing a beautiful neck!

dressage blog


Free walk on the diagonal – if I keep her happy there, she can earn an 8.5!  Maybe not at second level, but we’ll focus on today.

free walk on to diagonal


Happy, an understatement, about these simple improvements in the walk!  They don’t happen every time, or for very long, but the possibility is there.  Have a great rest of your horse week!

free walk on diagonal

16 thoughts on “Positivity Week Day 1: Better Walk

  1. Back on the saddle, more importantly, having some good practices. It is not important to have perfect practices. Hope you had a good vacation. But, you’ll need to do something about the untanned foot, lol. 🙂

    We’re home until after Labor Day, before heading to Texas for an invitational, then back home for a month before heading down to SoCal, specifically Del Mar near San Diego for two CSI3* shows. We thought about the two CSI3* shows at Rancho Murieta, but the first week would overlap Deborah’s riding clinic. They’re waiting to hear back on whether they’ll be allowed to ride as conditional, mid-season entries on the WC tour. These shows are new territory for my daughters. Usually, they’d be back in school, grabbing some weekend riding.

    Deborah will contact you via your contact form. She says both of you are riding well.

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    1. Hi David!!!
      Oh, the foot has already been taken care of.
      That was back in June. Soon back to white again of course…
      Very exciting with all the shows for your girls. Definitely swimming in the big pond now! I will stay tuned just in case show plans change and you come up this way! 🙂


  2. I have post up today about “progress not perfection”. It has a video of my first attempt at the Inter 1. Certainly not perfect but several things were quite good and the reason I posted the video is that the commentary from Belinda Trussell is worth hearing. She certainly calls out the mistakes in a positive way and when something goes right she cheers me on! Positivity. Here’s a link: https://horseaddict.net/2017/08/16/progress-not-perfection/

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