Positivity Week Day 2: Low Jumps

Carrying on with another positive post!

It had been a long time since she had an easy ground work day with low jumps.  She may not be the most natural talented jumper, but it was fun for her!

jumping dressage horse over low rails

The surprise – she’s gained power, and stride-length in the canter.  Two very low rails in a row threw her off several times and she’d take the second one sort of “by luck.”

dressage horse jumping low rail


And with too much speed…  Until I figured out this wasn’t right for her any more.

free jumping dressage horse

Super positive spin with this mare – she’ll just hang out like this while stuff is being fixed.  Traipsing around getting spooked or tangled up is for nillies.

jumping with the young dressage horse

Then she’ll try it again, sure, feeling brave and superwomanish.

free jumping horse on lunge line

Next positive post on Saturday morning!  Until then, all ears for any good stuff from your side.

19 thoughts on “Positivity Week Day 2: Low Jumps

  1. You may need to invest in some proper rails. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t carry them, lol. 🙂
    Anyway, you’ll be glad to know Miss Valiosa is jumping at the height that keeps a jumper in shape. Jumping at competition height is may be done once or twice a week.

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  2. Nice to see her doing some jumping. As for me I had a very good extended trot across the diagonal today. I had him up and pushing from behind and I could do the lightest half halts all the way across the diagonal. That’s my positive report for today 🙂

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    1. Way to go! Up, pushing, receptive to tiny half halts – definitely something hugely positive! Love it!

      Today’s ride was finally good all around. I’ve been dying for a lesson since Wednesday last week (because I have a little show tomorrow) and my rides on our own have felt very braced, behind, and as if we’ve taken a step backward in the training.
      Today we were on the same page, both of us, at the end, and she offered her best canter yet to date! Now I almost don’t care how it goes tomorrow – if she can go like this at home, it’s all I care about 😉

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    1. Hahaha! And I bet she felt really cool about her self 🙂
      First few times I tried to lunge Valiosa over low poles (raised only 3 inches), she just plowed through everything like a hippo…


    1. Sweetest mare – she’ll try to figure out just about anything you ask of her. This stuff, she has decided is fun stuff. Working on more difficult stuff in dressage – um, well, not so much fun she says 🙂


  3. For jumping not being Valiosa’s main discipline, I’d say she is doing a phenomenal job at jumping, as well as looking totally adorable. ❤ ❤

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