Why dressage is (almost) impossible to master — Dressage as a Calling

Yvette got it right. 

Here’s your answer!!


13 thoughts on “Why dressage is (almost) impossible to master — Dressage as a Calling

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have seen many riders who have successful careers get very frustrated when they apply the principles or hard work, focus and dedication to their riding and it does not reward them with the success and accomplishment they expected. I have also had a few coaches tell me how hard it is to teach people who have these expectations. So Yvette is right we must enjoy the accomplishments all along the way and enjoy our relationship with our horses.

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    1. I SO appreciate this comment. My thoughts exactly! It is so easy to get frustrated, simply because we absolutely pour our hearts into this. Sacrifice all time and effort, and money, on this, and sometimes it simply seems that the payoffs are too small. We work hard, and for some, instant success is expected.
      I’ve decided to ALWAYS keep things in perspective. To remember what I loved about this in the first place, and to make sure to celebrate each and every little step forward. It’s the only way to go 🙂
      Finally had a lesson yesterday, where my trainer, who really doesn’t ride my horse – get on for 15-20 minutes first. Think we had a good ride after 😉
      Yeah, it’s never the horse… 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you!

      Will check it out! I’m behind on this week. Can’t wait to the weekend – time to catch up on everything. (Oh, and also watch our trainer ride one of the barn’s stallions at Grand Prix. Good times!)

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      1. Thank you very much, they recognize everything they have also riche if and how and why themselves to decide against riders in many momante, it always remains the ergenzong moment, with Hafe schalen or rice husks it. I wish you much joy at work it is Very hard job .. (which makes happy) !!!!!!!!!!! Great (* L *)🙂🙂

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