Saturday’s Schooling Show Update

Not our day.

After you have a show, where everything is lined up just right, things feel great, the test went OK without major mistakes, but the scores were lower than hoped for – you get exactly 1 Day to mope about it.  Then, move on.

Mar Val Stables, Dressage In The Almonds.

Both tests went without spooking.  She felt forward and attentive to aids, prompt transitions and just minor bucking in the warm up.  (First canter in the warmup is usually exciting for her, I don’t mind.)

Her back and neck never fully relaxed at all at this show.  We got an 8 on the first halt.  Some 7’s and 7.5’s, no big errors, but the rest wasn’t good enough and the submission score suffered big time.

schooling shows
At May’s schooling show.  This time out; casual attire.

Sure, a Second and Third place ribbon, but the two First Level tests got a 63.91 and a 58.53.  More practice this fall!

The good news – after so much practice on moving freely forward she got “Lively Performance” in the Further Remarks.  Good mare!

dressage show ribbons
Waiting for a 2nd Blue Ribbon at July’s rated show. Didn’t happen this time.

14 thoughts on “Saturday’s Schooling Show Update

  1. Good job staying positive! Just to be able to get out and do it is winning in my book!They can’t all be amazing. All the better to enjoy and be grateful for the good ones!

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  2. I love how positive you are!!! Besides, 2nd and 3rd and seriously not bad at all!! I love your logic; don’t get all worked up about how she did this time, just practice more for the next one! Great job, both of you!!! ❤

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