Short Read, Day 2 – Summer Drought


Maybe we can spot symmetrical structural beauty better with age.

Better able to instantly recognize the stark simplicity?

Driving by, we immediately see the clear allure of bare winter trees.  Lost on the younger ones.

Or did we see it then, too?  But can’t remember?

No naked trees here yet, but we’re really dried out in the foot hills now.  

Here it is, in case you’d like to see, from your side of the world.

trees in gold country california

foot hills california

golden hills in amador county shenandoah valley

11 thoughts on “Short Read, Day 2 – Summer Drought

  1. Yes, I remember these landscapes from my California days. It was always amazing how enormous hillsides could go from lush green sparkled with thousands of orange poppies in the spring to brown grass and fading trees until the next spring.

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    1. Yes! I’m still amazed at how well adapted the indigenous plants are to survival here. Myself, I barely make it, and by the time mid September rolls around I’m grunting and groaning at all the endless weeks of no rain 😉
      Winter to me here is the very most fantastic time.
      Valiosa is setting the beginnings of the winter coat. Tomorrow, 111F…


  2. wow! That is seriously dry. And up here we have had so much rain everything is giant ( the corn in the field next to our house is about 9 feet high at least). Crazy! I hope there will be rain soon for you to squelch the fire danger.

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