Short Read, Day 7 – Day-Dreams


She’d thought of a career change.

Perhaps leaving town.  As a lead singer.

Starting up a band called The Calamari Brothers.

Her sprightly looks would pave the way of course.


10 thoughts on “Short Read, Day 7 – Day-Dreams

  1. Who’s the lead singer, you or Miss Valiosa? 🙂

    Colorado Smoke Report: Today, strong haze. Scent of burning pine is low. Forecast – wind pattern is expected to change, sending more smoke haze from Denver Metro, north to Fort Collins.

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    1. Oh no! I can’t believe how long this is going on. News this morning said we’ve just had the very first day with decent air quality, not a bad air day, in a streak of 74 days in a row! Eeek. We’ll looks like the same could be said for half the West…

      I think Valiosa is the one with the biggest wish for a new career 😉


  2. Great idea! She could do this. She will need an agent of course. Best to find a smaller agent to start off with as she might get lost with one of the bigger ones. Then she will need some outfits to show off her figure but no need to spend too much there are some great outfits in the Charity shops! And she will need a few up tempo songs and a couple of ballads to audition with. And….oh……am I taking this too seriously?

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    1. I think you’re on to something. Among bigger fish, she’d drown, the smaller stage is definitely for her. Good thing is that she’s got no modesty at all – so pretty much anything goes, whatever her agent thinks will work best for her genre.
      Question remains… Can she sing?


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