End Of Summer. Next Month

We’re finally getting a break from a streak of days of very high temperatures.

Still, summer isn’t over at all until next month.

outdoor mare shelter

Breakfast for the mares, since the pasture, even though it’s many acres, is too burnt out to be enough.

catching horses in pasture

This very small part of the front pasture  looks like a desert until winter rain comes.

dried out summer pasture

Long morning shades, love them!

If you pull her away from breakfast, better provide a walking buffet on the way to the barn.  Seriously, she can afford to miss more than one meal… 🙂

walking in from summer pasture

My horse wrangler with Valiosa.  She turns in to a very gentle and meek mare as soon as he shows up.

leading horse to barn

A few more Short-Read posts for coming up!  Thought today was a great day to check in on how things looked for us on an early morning this week.  I’d love to see what it looks like on your end.

boy walking horse in to barn

16 thoughts on “End Of Summer. Next Month

  1. I think you have found your horse technician.
    We’re set for the next horse show, ready to leave for Texas (far from the flood area) on Monday morning (Sep 11). Have a good week. 🙂

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    1. I love it when he comes out to the farm!!

      Best of luck for all at the show! I’m hoping you’ve arrived by now, and that traveling on September 11th was only sobering, not any trouble. Glad you’re in a dry area in TX. Reading the news about Florida right now is really worrisome too… 😦


  2. At our end, it looks like a half mile round trip out to the far edge of the pasture to wrangle said mare, unless you have the foresight to request she be kept in after breakfast and you manage to get there before noon…

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    1. Yeah, the traipsing through pasture can get weary. When I groom, we work 6-8 horses, and they always seem to be the furthest away each trip 😉
      Hope you’ve got a little more green though!
      Lily pads here are still going strong!!!

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  3. What a beautiful farm, and lovely horses inhabiting it! It’s much greener around here…we’ve had a very cold and rainy August so I am feeling a little cheated out of summer, even though fall is my favorite season. And now today it’s 80 and sunny, so who knows what’s going on… 😛

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