September Schooling. Better?

Yes!  Better!

After treading water for some time, things feel looser, easier, less grindy.  Sure, that’s not even a word.  But it is now.

I think she’s getting to where she really likes the work sometimes, feeling happy and content there.  A little less “falling apart” as soon as she gets the chance.

So fun!

Here’s the photobomb for this time.

dressage in smoky air

collecting the trot

Where some horses want to come too low and you have to train hard on short moments of more elevation – Valiosa has the opposite difficulty.  She wants to go short and up in the neck.  All the time.

gray horse dressage

lengthen trot on long side

It will always be the “trick” to training well with her – getting a lower, more relaxed neck, and coming over the back.  We didn’t quite get there in these pictures (surprise), but the connection is so much better.  See?

amateur dressage

taking better pictures of dressage canter

As long as I get a few moments like these out of each ride, I’m thrilled.  Gray Mare is growing up and she can be SO much fun!

Elinor Yee

10 M Volte without hissy fits or a clamping inside calf.  It’s happening!

10 meter trot circle

13 thoughts on “September Schooling. Better?

    1. I know, right!!!? It’s been our curse ever since the start… Inately a little bit in the breed I suppose. But this whole farm is full of nothing but PRE’s and my trainer doesn’t have this issue πŸ™‚
      So, we’ll have to just keep working on it. I’d love to hear your progress and secret tips Teresa πŸ˜‰


  1. In every photo she has at least one ear cocked back toward you. At least you know she’s listening to you! As opposed to Ms Sassypants, who usually has her ears zoned in on whatever distraction she forgot to notice two minutes ago. Last show of the season next weekend. I haven’t told her yet.

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    1. Good observation! Yes, she listens. Doesn’t always mean she goes along with the plan, but at least we never have spooking in the corners etc.
      Fingers crossed for the show!!! A couple of more good schooling rides this week and off you go! Cheering from the sideline over here!

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  2. Looking good! She seems more relaxed into what your asking of her. The two of you seem more connected, less resistance from her.

    I saw you did pretty good at your show too! Congrats!

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  3. Yeah, we are seeing the finished product of you working thru her resistance. πŸ™‚ I am all too familiar with resistance, with my mare. She likes things to be her idea. πŸ™‚ So, I give that to her, when I can.
    I have recently been teaching lessons to a woman (my age), who is a beginner, on my seasoned, trusty gelding. My mare was incredibly soft and gentle with her, when this woman groomed her. I was surprised. My mare’s demeanor changed around this woman, who has some non-visible physical limitations with her health.
    This woman also saw me, just the other day, try to catch Maya (my mare). Maya does not like to be caught, but has improved ten fold with it. I have to just allow her to move. I stand still, waiting for her to be done moving. She makes a few circles around me (as we do in Parelli’s circling game), and then she stops and looks at me, telling me she is ready. I then can approach her and put a halter on.
    The woman (one I am giving lessons to) witnessed this. She thought it was so impressive. It is pretty interesting and a huge improvement from where Maya was a year ago.
    My point is, that having someone else view our work, no matter their horse experience, gave me a fresh persepective of how far we have come, and how it is those little things that we need to celebrate. For me, it is often working thru all those frustrations that can sweep away the progress she has done. I make a point of celebrating the little improvements. But certainly not without my own frustrations. πŸ™‚

    Yes, it is visible, and I can feel it from the pictures that she has changed.

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    1. This is great! Loved reading your comment! Obviously your mare can sense, with whichever 6th sense she’s using, in that way that horses and sometimes dogs can – that your friend was in need of a gentle approach. These smart mares! So impressive!

      My mare often wants to “allow” who ever is “catching” her to approach. Or not. We’ve been together for almost 3 years now, so we do it by the blink of an eye, but it’s still there.
      I kind of like it that she’s keep g it real πŸ™‚

      Appreciate your input, and it’s great that the change in rideability is visible!

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