Short Read, Day 9 – Maybe You’re Missing Out


The layers of depression the building carried were palpable.

Outside would be so much better.


get outside in nature more
Summer treasure: Wench Creek high up in Crystal Basin. Go see it!


4 thoughts on “Short Read, Day 9 – Maybe You’re Missing Out

  1. Hey there, instead of your mountain stream, perhaps you’d prefer the experience snow in the Colorado Rockies? Change in seasons is beginning, from summer to winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. How awesome that would be!!!
      I spent 2 weeks in Denver in February years ago. It was awesome! My car snowed in, they shut down the airport one day and I got in several long runs in all sorts of places. Lovely and snow covered. Colorado Springs was really neat too. That has been my only visit, and I don’t really feel I got to see much of the Rockies.


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