When Mares Become Dominant In Pasture

Miss Gray decided she wanted to lead the entire herd in the pasture.

She’s not really cut out for leader material, and was becoming unpleasantly bossy.  Three of them are pregnant, while also in full work, and can’t really afford to risk an injury.  Everybody lives out at this ranch, Grand Prix horses or not, and it’s important that the dynamics are right.


Easy enough – she had to move in with another group in a new pasture.

Here’s the first day.

Introductions went very well, as they always do with Valiosa.

Mistie, a retired gray mare checked her out briefly, and decided that, nope, I’m too old for any type of wild stuff.

The three of them, Valiosa, Mistie and Harper, a young compact size Warmblood mare, have been getting along for a week now.

horse meeting new friends

But Mistie seems like she’d rather not have any new extra energetic pasture mates.  She keeps coming up for scratches and to have her picture taken.

Fair enough, pretty girl.

retired horse


These two, already cute together sometimes.

12 thoughts on “When Mares Become Dominant In Pasture

  1. Very fashion-forward fly mask Miss Valiosa is wearing.

    We have nine horses (so far), five boys, 4 girls. Boys not really interested in leadership, but games are another story. And, no, they have not discovered “that” yet (hopefully they won’t). Of the girls, Lilith can be a diva, especially when Elizabeth and her are riding very well. Being long legged girls, they are quite good at striking fashion model poses. 🙂

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    1. THIS fly mask!! After trying just about all models, this is the true winner! On 24/7 in tough conditions, it has held up as almost new ever since putting it on her sometime in April. LOVE it. I can go on and on about this thing…

      I can just picture your mares posing. One leg out behind, neck arched just so 😉 I think I’m becoming a mare person!


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