Who Decides What You Should Think Of Equestrian Sport?

Your flow.

Social media.

What does it look like?  Maybe an endless stream of negativity about horse sport, in just about any discipline.

Ever thought about how that shapes what you think, making your sport feel hopeless, a lost case where every one takes short cuts, or worse?

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After some of the larger international dressage competitions, half of  the Facebook feed seems to be about contorted necks and horses working in pain.

Heated discussions about shady training techniques.

In other disciplines – spur marks, bloody froth, draw reins, horses dying from over exertion, riding with all sorts of training gadgets, and even some temper tantrum millennial mishandling her horse in the show ring after falling off at a jump.

Should that decide what you think of modern horse sport?  Would it change if we would mostly see good training, good riding, good showing, good horsemanship?


upper body leaning in on canter circle


Just a small change of focus can really make a difference.  We do what we see others do.  We become what we do.

Trying really hard to not focus on bad riding over here, looking up to good riding.

Far from perfect, I’m trying.  It really matters what we look at.

This site is mostly safe – not much behind the vertical stuff here.  Because it shapes what we think.


horse by green pond

Maybe it’s important to you?

Focus on the good.

12 thoughts on “Who Decides What You Should Think Of Equestrian Sport?

  1. This is actually one of the reasons I follow blogs more than Facebook for horse related items; they include a clearer picture of people that are really working to be the best horse people they can. You two look awesome by the way!

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  2. Agree with the above commenter. Of course I care deeply about how horses are treated, and am all for exposing those who use abusive training techniques or devices, or who treat horses like motorcycles or sailboats and dispose of them when they’ve become damaged or are no longer as desirable as they once were. The standard of horse care in any discipline should be as high as it can possibly be. That said, it’s way too easy to be anonymously, hysterically judgmental and negative out there in social media land. Some folks seem convinced no animals should ever be asked to perform to any degree. Personally, I think it would be a great loss if the unique horse-human partnership in equine sports were to disappear.

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    1. Yes, and thank you Jan!
      I think all of us can agree on your sentiment. Abusive training has NO place in my, or most others’ books. But with social media it’s easy to have only the “dark side” at center stage.
      That connection between horse and human, it’s incredibly special.
      Makes me happy every time someone else recognizes it!! 🙂 🙂


  3. I agree. We have to focus on the positive. In terms of dressage there are many people who are sitting on chairs in their tack rooms or living rooms and who just want to carp and bitch( sorry but it’s true) about what they see or hear . These are the negative Nellies that see the whole world that way. There may well be trainers and riders who do not do the best for their horses. But like you, I want to look for the positive. I like your blog posts because they are positive even when you are struggling with some training issue they are still positive posts. So thank you!

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    1. Yeah, the arm chair riders… Can’t believe how prominent they are… Major reason for why I never read forums any more. It just gets too weird….
      I bet there are TONS of reasonable, healthy, trainers and riders out there. Just they tend to not make so much noise about themselves, so they’re noticed less perhaps…
      Appreciate that you see what I’m focusing on!!!! 🙂
      Enjoying time with the horse. Making both rider and equine better, somehow. While having fun!

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  4. I’m with you! There are no shortage of opinions out there, nor of extremely ugly videos of deranged people doing horrible things to horses and dogs. (none of which I want to see) It certainly helps us horse people when true partnership is revealed, and not torture. Your blog has beautiful images of a happy horse and rider. Thanks for taking the job!

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    1. I’m thrilled that this really resonated with readers!!
      So sick of those videos you mention too. How about we just focus on beautiful riding, and great horse-human relationships… (I’m perhaps half way there at least)
      The rest is so exasperating.
      Thank you for reading and looking at the pictures!! 😙

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  5. I totally agree with you, Elinor! Lets focus on the positive, not the negative! And don’t let others opinions change yours all the time! 🙂

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