Switching Pace

That was a lot of “Short Read” Posts.

Because time has been.  Short.

Barn commute, still 2 hours out and back.

I’ve upped the long distance running a bit.  Still putting in hours at this beautiful breeding and training farm.  And riding Miss Dissatisfaction.

riding happy horse

And, taken on a second job.

That last one is the clincher.

Things have been happy, just much too busy.  Tiny amount of time left for writing.  But with you readers being so fantastic and checking in on us so often, of course you’ll get more updates on what we’re doing his fall!!

Just don’t hold your breath 🙂  .

Breathing.  Who’s got time for that?


Oh, and Dice says – “Hi!”  He still gets his outings.  I think we’re both a little addicted to Redwood trees.

hiking with dalmatian dogs

13 thoughts on “Switching Pace

    1. Yes, sigh. It’s not fitting. And between you and I Teresa, since this is so private here 😉 , I’m really struggling to keep up. Next month will have to be better. In the long run, this is what leads to burn out and heart attacks, and of course I don’t want that. It’s been SO fun, and SO worth it, but we have to have time to live too right 🙂 ?


    1. He’s the best family dog ever! We have two Dalmatians, but our girl is older and doesn’t come along on the long adventures any more. These dogs need a LOT of work, but are so worth it. Later this fall, when life has settled down some, I can’t wait to run more trails with this guy more often!
      Honestly Anne, I SO need a break right now…

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  1. 2 hours! Oh my! That is more then my commute, by far. I have 40 minutes round trip. 2x/day to feed and clean. I rent a barn in horse country, so all the care is up to me. Which I love, but recently found a need to get some relief from time to time. Phew! It was a lot, when working 4 jobs, and other projects in the works. Too much.

    Anyways, look forward in hearing more posts of your story with your mare. 🙂 So enjoy.

    Love, Love the picture of your dog! Beautiful!


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