Here’s The Cool Down Loop

Summer had a last Hurray last week.

With temperatures in the mid 90’s again.  Now, we’re buckling down for fall.

The biggest payoff for putting up with summer heat – the awesome autumn and winter months!  This is the most beautiful time of the year!

cooling down outside arena

Easy living now!  Loving the cooler weather.

Trying to make the most of it and getting in a bit of up n down with Valiosa at the end of the rides.  Now that we don’t have to turn into bacon as soon as we leave the arena.

She’s not over-the-top impressed…

climbing downhill with horse

climbing for hind end strength

Image result for fall leaf

14 thoughts on “Here’s The Cool Down Loop

  1. A lot of dried up leaves your way. 🙂

    Deborah had her clinic over the weekend. Took a couple photos only; didn’t want to make her nervous or be a distraction while she was working. Her topic was “How to prepare for your event while at the show”, a good subject for freshly-minted novices and juniors. Deborah said there are enough clinicians trying to correct a rider’s posture, leg aids, rein management, etc. which may not mesh with the learning from their instructor.


    1. Oh, cool! They are super comfy!!!! These were the ones I complained so much about breaking in, in some earlier posts. Better now.
      But, and this is a major let down, they squeak!!! A lot. Killing me 😉


        1. They are Di Niro’s, but I DO NOT recommend this particular model. They’ve got seams on the inside, that have ripped up my entire stirrup leathers, and made marks on my new saddle. I’ve had to use a dremmel to file down the seams. They were made with the toughest material you can ever imagine. Fishing line or something used to anchor down astronauts in space, I’m sure.
          Now, they look assaulted on the inside part of the boot, where they contact the saddle. And they squeak! So there – full disclosure 🙂


    1. Isn’t it quaint! So quiet and peaceful there, and nice footing to walk out on after arena work.
      This loop is right below the arena, so I try to head out down there often, to get some “under saddle” hill walking in.
      She does it in pasture on her own, but ridden is different of course.


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