Biggest Thank You To My Friends in Mount Aukum!

It’s been the best of times – leaving is hard!

Valiosa has been happy as a clam living in huge pastures and various herds since January, when I had to have hand surgery.

With more work hours, driving a full hour each way to get to the stable seemed unreasonable, so, leaving the beautiful facility was a must.  Miss it already, and we’ve just left!

barn with french windows

Never fun to leave friends behind.  Can’t believe I won’t get to goof off with my trainer all the time any more!  Forget the barn, I’m going to miss my friend!  (Please, promise to come out and see me!!) 

The riding is going to take a hit for sure 🙂  We’ll be training on our own at the “old” barn for 4-5 weeks.  (Where we’re already getting to see our other friends again – yay!) 

Then settle in at a closer, winter friendly, barn.  (No snow, but there is mud here.)

I’ve followed and worked with the horses at this facility for so many years – we’ll stay connected in one way or another for sure!

The opportunity to train and be geeky with my horse there has been extra fun.

being nerdy with horses
Derpy pictures with your horse – check!

My biggest thanks to Dorado Andaluz for our time together!  I’m incredibly grateful for everything!

Elinor Yee

10 thoughts on “Biggest Thank You To My Friends in Mount Aukum!

    1. My son takes my pictures, I love him for it!

      And yes, it’s been a fabulous stay with good training and just general support of being around other inspirational riding. Now, we’ll be stuck on our own for some time… Relaxing, but I’ll miss this farm of course!

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    1. Yes, it will feel a lot better!
      The goal is to eventually board within a 30 minute drive. Can’t tell you enough how lovely it has been to board here, but having a “short stint” at the barn, say total time 3 hours, has been impossible.

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    1. Frank! Appreciate the thoughts, we’re safe, and the air quality has improved a LOT. Last week it was very eerie, sky like a soup for many days.
      Now we just follow the news, and support desperate friends as much as can. Being so close to the fires, it seems that everyone has an evacuated family member , or a loved one on the front lines – fire fighter or medical care. I


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