Settled in at Twisted Oaks again.

Good to be back, and Valiosa took the move in stride.

We’ll be training entirely on our own again during the time we’re here like before.  Not ideal but it will be alright for the time we’re here 🙂

Of course I’m hoping we can get in a lesson at the end of the month.  It’s so easy fall into bad habits…

Think I already did, so now all focus is on trying to “recycle” previous lessons as much as possible!

gray horse head

There’s some sort of rule that whenever a mare moves in to a new place she has to instantly come in heat.  I’m sure.  She’s just about done now, none of the guys paid her much attention any way.

Next weekend we have another adventure coming up.  More about it later!

horse with fall foliage

My thoughts go out to everyone in the devastating Napa and Sonoma fires so close to us. Winds have turned and the smoke is no longer thick over here – but I know many horses are far from being safe still, and the fires keep eating up houses each day.  Small hopes for rain later in the week.  Please let it happen!

9 thoughts on “Settled in at Twisted Oaks again.

  1. I’ve been thinking of you with the fires! We’ve been getting smoke all the way over here in Idaho! Glad to hear it is clearing up and glad to hear Valiosa made the move without incident!

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    1. It just keeps going. Horrid times. Local feedstores and people from all over are chipping in to help all the burnt animal victims. Our scout troop is helping to aid with food, clothing, toothpaste, anything to victims evacuated with nothing but their current clothes on. I think many feel helpless, as it just keeps going….

      My local dressage chapter will hold a small fundraiser clinic first week November, anything to help. Everyone keeps hopping for rain this weekend…


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