How To Get Your Horse To Eat Just About Any Supplement

Got a picky eater who just won’t finish that expensive bucket of supplements?

Here’s a Dressage On A Dime Tip:

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

Bake it into cookies, dividing the total amount of cookies by the amount of scooped servings of the supplement included in the batter batch!

Introducing Little Ellie’s Horse Cookies™.

Little Ellie's Horse Cookies

Turd-shaped, because that’s so sensible.

Got at least one friend who’ll smile at finally seeing these things.  He named them, the recipe is mine.

50 cookies made with 10 servings of refuse-to-eat-stomach-supplement = 5 lip-smacking cookies per serving.

Baked with wholesome oats, molasses, ripe pears from my backyard, and secret sauce.

how to make your horse eat anything

Next batch Coat Care Cookies with Refuse-to-eat-even-more-expensive-omega-supplement.  Followed by Thirsty Tarts with No-way-will-I-eat-that-electrolytes.

No waste!  How fun is that?!

Closing with a view of barn owner and friend – I got the barn decked out for fall.  Obviously I’m very excited about temps staying solidly below 85° F.  Soon.

fall decorations at barn

15 thoughts on “How To Get Your Horse To Eat Just About Any Supplement

  1. I stand in awe of anyone who so manages their time as to be able to bake cookies for their horse AND decorate their barn. Our old dobbins get their Smart Paks chucked in with their pellet mash in the morning, and they all eat ’em up. Although sometimes we have to get more creative with meds like bute, in which case Mrs. Pasture’s Cookie Crumbs come into play.

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    1. I had fun with it 😉 Forced my boys to bake their own brownies at the same time as I did my HUGE batch of horse cookies. Some time together for us, all good.

      My mare is REALLY picky, turns up her nose at any different taste, or maybe even scent, in her feed bucket. Mixing with water, or oil, or some silly little apple core doesn’t trick her. These cookies though! I’ve even tried pushing a pill into them, and yep, she ate them!


    1. Yeah, a total waste of time when you’re lucky to have the sort of horse that’ll happily munch just about anything out of your hand.
      My mare, she used to spit out even carrots and apple pieces, go figure…
      Thank you for the compliment! 🙂


  2. Fantastic idea! Please share the electrolyte cookie recipe. Better yet, you should market those, people would buy them for shows and horse transport! Your other career could be barn decor :-), it looks fantastic as always. Inspiring!

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    1. You can do this Edie! Figure out just the right concoction on a whole grain, I prefer oats for many reasons, and molasses, that Star likes. I use a little honey in there too so the consistency gets just right – but go easy as it will burn much more easily in the oven. You want the batter to stay together, without being too dry. I use finely chopped fruit in there, to make for a moist cookie that can easily be split in two, or if need be, a pill shoved in there in a cookie large enough to where the picky horse can’t immediately detect the flavor 😉
      Considering making my own electrolyte cookie from scratch – healthy, and easy! But for my Thirsty Tarts, I used Apple A Day, since a special someone didn’t want to eat that powder…

      I would love to make a Little Ellie’s cookie business! In my spare time… 😉

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    1. Wait!!! WP did it again – placed your comment in SPAM. Argh, I don’t look in there too often, but found your comment there. Seriously, I don’t know WHY it keeps doing this. Well, anyway, I’m glad you liked the idea!!!

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