Fall Training Wrap Up

Someone asked a question on how the canter lengthening went at the show.

Only fair to wrap it up with pictures.


lenghtening the canter

She was a good girl, stayed straight, and yes, forward.  More would be better.  Well, more is always better.  Gray Mare don’t really care…

canter lenghtening in dressage


She looked like a real beef cake occasionally though, absolutely trying hard.

Elinor Yee dressage

This show was eye-opening in many ways. New training mantra even.  More on that soon!

Main site “About” page has some small updates – find it here  https://ahorseforelinor.com/about-dressage-on-a-dime/  to take a quick look!  Need to change something?

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    1. Trying hard here in our little corner. October was SO busy, with the new job, moving barns, and the show. This month, we’re off for our NEXT adventure… More on that closer to the end of the month!


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