You Guys Are Fantastic!

Talk about a supportive reader crowd, how awesome!

Thank you so much for cheering us on with making this move.  Wonderful to hear, and of course everything you’ve said is true.

Valiosa is adjusting just fine, the facility is lovely, and every one has been very welcoming!

california style outdoor barn
Small part of the front barns.

Despite us most likely being in the way a lot, and probably breaking rules I didn’t even know existed πŸ˜‰

So fun!  And of course inspiring.  Keeping things in perspective with this “low-engine” horsey among all the big movers.

Also very happy with her – so easy to go places with Miss Gray.  She trusts her human to keep her safe and since I’ve taken her almost everywhere by now she takes most things in stride.

moving in at new barn
Just arrived.  In only a few days, the rain has already made grass pop up in all the pastures by now.

Maybe she bolted really gnarly far down in a field when a huge group of turkeys dared to exist while cooling her out way out there alone.  Nobody saw it, so basically didn’t happen.

Hanging out on her own in an acre sized pasture for now.  Meeting her pasture mates in the larger one in a few days.  She’s lucky to live a pampered life, but mostly she cares about having company.

We should test out a lesson with this barn.  Soon.  Still missing my trainer.

getting used to new barn and busy environment

15 thoughts on “You Guys Are Fantastic!

    1. Yeah, it’s been really interesting with her.
      She’s the first horse I’ve done all on my own ever since the start – and by now, both of us seem to know how the other is going to react, and things usually work out just fine. Love it!


    1. Yes! I’ve been spoiled lately, with nice barns, and especially nice friends where ever I’ve gone.
      I think this will be great for us both, but of course I always miss whom ever I’ve had to leave “behind.” Life…. Sigh.


  1. Haven’t been around lately. Sounds like you had to move barns. Never easy to do….and stressful it can be. But once there and moved in, there is this big sigh of relief.

    Looks like a beautiful place!

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    1. Hi! We’re enjoying it. Wasn’t really that we HAD to move. More so that I’m in a new job now, and I simply had to stop driving so much. Way too long commute to the barn, even at the last one where we went to visit a friend for a month. And there, she’d be on her own at night all winter, which I really didn’t want her to be all over again.
      So. Here we are. We’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚

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  2. I love the update and those pics are adorable. I’m so happy to hear she is on her own at the moment before she meets her friends, such a horse savvy thing to do and so kind to the beautiful miss gray.
    The facilities look amazing, I am on the lookout for more inspiring facilities for myself and Mr Moo now.

    Can’t wait for an update on the lesson

    Mel x

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    1. Do you homework Mel and visit many places before you go. Once it feels right, you’ll know it will be right!
      Today she got in with the new friends in the new pasture, after a week on her own where they could sniff through the fence when they wanted. All worked out fine so far. A few pictures tomorrow!

      And. OMG, we SO need a lesson!

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