Corner Huddle

Quick life-tempo over here!

That’s all good, as it should be.  Sometimes barely keeping up.  Staying on top of this page is difficult, sure you’ve noticed.

Mostly, it’s because of a new job and because of an uptick again (finally!) in long distance running.  Take the discipline and dedication anyone has to apply to ride consistently.

Then add another sport on top…  Yep, even more time-consuming.  But beautiful when it works out!  Race coming up this weekend!

Hoping you’re getting to squeeze every good minute out of the day, and hopefully enjoying it as much as I do.

I’ve met an ever-growing amount of awesome, fantastic people over the years, – some of you keep tabs on the craziness here on the page.  Some even though you’re not really fans of horses at all.  How great is that!?

Hugs to you all, and especially to friends and family in Sweden – Ni finns alltid i mitt hjärta!

Yesterday’s corner huddle – all new friends and pasture.

No matter how much space the horses have to run in, they always have to squeeze into a corner when a new horse is introduced.  That’s them, down there.

horses in corner of pasture
Corner Huddle

Gray mare, doing her best to stretch-out/rip-off her leg straps and look cool doing it.

safely introducing horse to new herd
Nobody all that impressed of her race car moves

That kite-high dragon nostril-blowing noise, just as exciting every time.  So much better when you’re not on top.

horses sniffing and meeting through fence
New fence neighbor

14 thoughts on “Corner Huddle

  1. Oh my gosh, I don’t know how you long distance runners have time for anything else!! I am a moderate distance runner, lol, and I have a hard time squeezing in a run and a ride in the same day. Throw work into the mix and it’s nearly impossible! Good on you!

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    1. It’s my 2nd passion. And boy, do I still run better than I ride dressage 🙂
      I like this blanket too!!! It’s ripping and will soon die… Was the perfect thing to wear first couple of days out with new friends… 😉


    1. It was awesome!!! Makes me feel young and strong again. I placed 4th woman overall in the 10 K which is not too shabby for a “seasoned” runner. Now, off to eat Turkey soon, for both of us I hope!


    1. I love it too! Was given to me by my friend Gabrielle! Now, we’ve almost killed it. Got a much more boring corn blue plaid to replace it… So many blankets… How many do you think is “legal” to own?
      I’m not admitting to my number until you go first 🙂

      The morning race Was really fun! I’m SO grateful to still be able to do this!

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      1. I have. Two cotton sheets. 1 bucks stable sheet medium weight, 2 quilted stable sheets ( 1 is 200 and the other 300 fill) , 1 Saratoga rain sheet,2 bucks power turnout both with detachable neck covers 1 Saratoga artic turnout with neck. And four summer fly sheets.

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        1. Knew you’d make me look good 😉 Let’s ignore you live in Canada and actually NEED all of them.
          OK. Here goes,
          Two 150 gram blankets. (Because 1st one is no longer waterproof.)
          One heavyweight. For those 15 days of the year when it’s feeezing…
          Two lined turnout sheets. This third red one doesn’t count because it’s broken now.
          One cotton cooler. And one dressy fleece cooler just because.
          I think I need more 🙂


  2. Personally, I do not think it is humanly possible to do all that you are doing, and yet here you are doing it. Hat off to you, although I have to wonder if you manage to fit in things like eating and sleeping 😉

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    1. Here’s the down and dirty on it –
      I’ve completely stopped cleaning my house so much. I used to keep an absolute shiny ship, but now I just leave… We keep it picked up, but less cleaning means a full hour extra every day. And more on the weekends.
      Who ever needed that much cleaning any way… 😉


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