Grateful To Celebrate 3 Years With The Gray Friend

3 years with this ever trusting sweet mare.


She’s become a great friend and an absolute ease to handle.  So cool to see her grow stronger and more filled out over the years!  Here’s the annual Before & After Post!

If you’ve followed along for some time, you’ve seen the yearly update at Thanksgiving, a long slew of pictures each time.  Today, keeping it short and sweet.

Want to see some of the fun stuff we’ve done along the way?  Transforming from dark-silvery, gangly half-ugly-young horse, to “half way there” mature mare – here’s the link to the other two anniversary posts:


Starting out, possibly the most unflattering picture ever.  Brought in from her pasture herd, in a temporary stall at her breeders.

slim young horse before training
Soaked, scared, and she clearly thought the room needed an upgrade. No ocean view?! The brochure had been so nice…

She was a few scant months above three.  Not halter broke…  A drenched rat with the spine tenting.  Sloping hind.  Cartoon hocks.  Impossible shoulder and neck.

Logic should have kicked in, to walk away.  Deciding to have an adventure instead, I took her home.  (Smacks hand on forehead…)


A little more than a year later –

With Intro Level schooling shows under her belt.  Here 4 1/2 years old, stepping up to Training Level.

Elinor Yee


At 5, first time out at First Level, in the warmup 2016.

Elinor Yee


This year, Late summer, 2017.  Go Gray Mare!

becoming a better rider

Is it recommended to do this on your own?  Absolutely not.  Doesn’t mean you can’t!

Physically, she’s done a 180, looking strong and capable.  For everything we’ve done wrong, today is a little pat on the back for everything that’s gone right!

Having fun with her along the way?  Yes!

16 thoughts on “Grateful To Celebrate 3 Years With The Gray Friend

    1. This has been awesome Teresa, – sharing her progression over three years, especially with so many that are peeking in to see how we’re doing. Love it!!
      Hmmm, her temperament is absolutely awesome, but perhaps I could have picked on that was a little, well, more “work happy”… 😉


  1. All I can say is: WOW!!! O.k., I have to add, congratulations on a job well done, too! Your hard work and persistence has paid off in a beautifully developed (and developing) young horse. Here’s to the next three years (and three years after that, and after that). Onward and upward!

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    1. I’m so glad to have my peeps coming to the site and seeing how all those hours of commitment are adding up to something slightly better each week. Thank you for cheering us on Edie! Can’t wait to see how this year will develop 🙂
      We’re loving our new place. I’ll have just a few more shots of it in today’s post and on Friday.
      All good stuff! Hoping both you and Star are doing well!!


  2. Awww, that is so wonderful!! Elinor, you are amazing with what you have done with Valiosa, and the bond you have created with her…I wish you and her many, many more happy years together!! ❤

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    1. With so many readers coming to the site and cheering for us, it’s been an absolute blast. This whole thing is HARD, we all know that, so I like to celebrate every little step forward. Appreciate your comments Elizabeth!! 🙂

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