California Style Winter Morning At The Barn

Things are going well.

Valiosa has stayed sound through the move, which is always the biggest worry right?  Changing something in the routine and poof, lame horse.  Or, colic…

barn with thanksgiving decorations
Main barn, with fall harvest pumpkin deco.

Not happening here.  She doesn’t stress out much, and with some grass to eat in the pastures now, there’s something to nibble on most of the time.  Couple of days ago I watched her saunter up to her gelding friend, convince him it was OK to share lunch, then they ate from the same hay pile, nose to nose.

Until she told him to go 🙂 .

california style barns

Lots of activity at this place, she’s sort of getting used to it.  By spring, there’ll be monthly jumping shows during weekends.  Planning on schooling in the hustle a couple of times just to get used to it.

gray horse with black and white boots

16 thoughts on “California Style Winter Morning At The Barn

  1. Every time I see a West Coast horse barn I continue to be amazed at how different it is from the “Second Coast” (Lake Michigan bordering states). Of course, I know a palm tree wouldn’t last in a Midwest winter, but I’m still not used to seeing them in conjunction with a barn. Or “indoor” arenas with no walls…and mountain views out the “holes” in those walls…😲🐎

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    1. Isn’t it cool how different it can be!! I feel ripe to visit the E. coast just to check out some of the barns! I’m dying to see blue grass, never seen it, and I’d love to see those pastures in Kentucky that keep showing up in some magazine pictures…
      I’m super lucky to have had so much pasture board for my mare. It’s not usually available in abundance in conjunction with larger training barns here. So happy I’ve been able to do it for her, as it’s become important to me.
      Cool thing about Northern California – both giant Redwood Pine trees AND palm trees can thrive here. Go figure. So we often see both within short distances. Kind of weird, when you think about it… Even this barn has both…

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    1. Haha, no! It’s a fountain – but I think they’ve got it turned off during winter months. How cool it would be to have sort of a “wading pool” for the horses to get in after working out. They’d love it!!


  2. That’s not winter!

    Your new barn seems to be more like those in Florida with the palm trees and a few pines standing around. Plus, you have a parka and a winter horse blanket warming in the dryer. 🙂

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    1. Hehe 😉
      I don’t have access to the dryer, trainers only I think. However, we DO have heating coils above head in the cross ties to turn on for nippy mornings and after baths. Shamefully admitting that I’m using them… In Cali


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