Early Mornings, Emptier Mornings

Sweet the way that works.

The earlier, the emptier.  Never truly solo here, with two trainers and a larger clientel, but show up early enough and it’s very quiet.  Really.

upscale barn isle way

I don’t ride all that early, truly.  Too many other, things, to take care of first.  Always loving the speedier, more adrenaline filled distances, but now there’s a spring Half Marathon on the schedule too.  Reckless.  So, more time spent running.

sophisticated barns


Valiosa has been going surprisingly well.  (The minute you say that it’s all jinxed and next ride will be challenging again…)  She feels just a tad softer, a little more forward, and actually attentive to the leg aids, go figure.

Got a walk-canter transition by mistake, unheard of for her!

getting horse in front of the leg


The tweaky, tilting and definitely-NOT-throughness is still there, but less.  See it here below?  She contorts herself, pushing the shoulder out one way, folding the neck, later tilting the head left or right.

horse resisting the aids counter bending

Once that stops, I know she’s in the hand and actually applying her self a little more from behind.  Tricky part is just to get to that point.  Before she runs out of steam.  New winter goal!

10 thoughts on “Early Mornings, Emptier Mornings

    1. It’s turned out really good for us both. I miss hanging out with my peeps, at both the “old” barns, but riding is so much “quicker” now. Shorter drive, fast in and out, and Valiosa gets to Live The Dream in a grassy pasture with friends. Pinch me! 🙂

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  1. That is a gorgeous barn facility.

    The best time to practice is early morning – no distractions and the whole place generally to yourself. And, no one saying you should do this, do that … except for the rider, maybe. 🙂

    Temper your expectations and where you think you should be. Keep your practices loose, but an eye on what you do well, not so well, and everything in between. Having a “ragged” practice, when nothing seems to go right, is okay. It is a learning opportunity, mostly about yourself. Closer to a show, pull everything together, push a little more, then polish it.

    No matter where you’re at in the practice cycle, always enjoy it!

    Ride well,

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    1. Thank you Deborah!!!
      Today was another of those mornings. Quiet. Of course, no use to always practice like that, then be shocked when there’s some hustle around. But it sure is nice to get to luxuriate and really focus, with just Gray mare and I 🙂
      I’m trying hard not to think “we should be” somewhere. Knowing that we need to get the basics down even better, and once there, she’ll just have a major breakthrough. We look ugly sometimes, especially when testing out shoulder fore in the canter, which seems incredibly hard for her. Hopefully it will lead to great things once we have an opportunity to show again. I’m really hoping for March, or at least April…!


    1. Right!!? It’s like they’ve made it a game to contort themselves and “worm around” as much as possible. I’m focusing on making it a challenge for me as a rider. If we can get THIS down, riding a more naturally straight, and forward thinking, horse will feel like a cakewalk 😉
      Thinking of you Teresa and hope you’re getting to train some now still, even with deep snow probably layering everything, if not today, probably within a couple of days…


    1. Yes! As soon as they move through, from behind, they straighten out, and things feel soooo much better. More of that. Please!

      Looks like many of you guys like this barn. Fun! I’ll have to see if I can get more pictures of the outdoor arenas later. They remain closed most of the time. Can’t wait to test out a ride out there too!!

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