Here’s To A Great Start On The Week!

Awesome Monday.

Except I work, so there’s no riding today.  Also, both calves, and Achilles, and a hammie, are completely wrung out, making it hard to walk, forget running.


It’s an awesome, beautiful, December week!

too dark in indoor arena

The indoor is a bit too dark to take any good pictures.  (HOW is it possible, with open air along all sides and skylights…?)

cantering with ears forward

You’ll just have to trust me that we’re continuing to work.  And, yep, possibly getting a little steadier.

cantering in dressage arena with corner mirror

This week, introducing a period of spurs again.  I’ve chosen to ride her without spurs for over a year.  Used them for two shows late summer/early fall of 2016, but truly I’ve only put them on for less than some 10 rides since September last year.

Now, I think she’s ready.  K fine, maybe someones lower leg is straighter and a bit more ready too…

She seems possibly happier with them than without.  Quicker aid, less clingy leg, all the good stuff.

5 thoughts on “Here’s To A Great Start On The Week!

    1. Need to rewrite my comment … other things were on the mind. 🙂

      Photo #1 – that is a very good panning shot, with you and V in focus and your background blurred. Panning shots are not easy to execute.

      Spurs – my daughters wear them, ride with them, but do not use them. They use spurs to complete the “equestrian rider look”.

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      1. 😉 Got it!
        Best riders (on equally good horses), don’t really need to use much spur. More as a gentle aid, a whisper, not a thump.

        I’m finding my leg is doing less “talking” now that I’ve got the spur on, a good sign!


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