Tip For Best Fly Protection All Around!

Dressage On A Dime Tip, right in time for late season Christmas shopping!

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

The testing has all been done for you – no need to waste time and money on useless fly masks that rip, tear, fall off, sit “heavy” on the horse’s head, rub, break at the velcro part, wear out the forelock or worst of all – poke in to the eyes!

This one, Shires Fine Mesh, after countless other trials with other fly masks of various shapes and brands is a winner!  (Yeees, I know about Cashels, they’ve got nothing on this see through, fleecy-soft beauty.)

introducing horses to a herd

The scoop on Shires Fine Mesh Mask:

  • Lightweight and really flexible, even with full ears
  • Fleece at the seams to protect the coat.
  • Fine mesh; see through at the eyes which is great especially for horses living in herds for ease of communication.
  • Anatomical design, with the eye area sitting steadily away from the eye.
  • Lasting closures – no flimsy thin velcro that won’t close after a summer’s use, and not so tight you have to work with the fingertips to be able to pull it apart.
  • Fabulous thick white fleece on the inside crown piece; the mask wears “cooler” and doesn’t rub as much as other masks
  • First fly mask so far where the ears lasted a full 6 months of 24/7 wear in a pasture with lots of trees, brush, and other horses.  In fact, the ears are still intact!

two horses kissing

Find it here:


Disclaimer:  Hey, they don’t pay me to tell you any of this stuff.  (Hello?!  That would be nice!)  You can find the Shires mask in several online stores, I just stuck a link to Amazon in there to not play favorites.  Or, even better, support your local tack store and pay them a visit!

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  1. Good to know! I will pass this on to my peeps at the horse rescue, where we have several critters who, due to eye problems or blindness, have to wear fly masks year-round. This one looks great . . . and I love that Valiosa’s beautiful eyes are visible through it!

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