Cavesson v.s Drop, Or Remont, Noseband

Earlier in 2017, I switched over to a drop noseband.

Before the switch, I kept my young mare in some different cavessons, with or without flash, and with or without crank.  She seemed happier in the drop, so we’ve stuck with that almost the whole year.  Wasn’t really all that interested in switching back.

drop noseband
Miss Tiddlywinks in her comfy drop

Still, it’s important to experiment.  (Right!? I’m always open for change!)  So, recently, I did a test-ride in the regular cavesson with flash combo.

Not really a believer in it, since it touches more of the sides of the cheeks and the drop seems simpler and less intrusive.

Surprise – she was better in it!  Steadier.  The holy grail, since this mare has a specialty of being “squirmy” in all parts of her body.

Less fiddling and tiddlywinkling in the bridle is fantastic news!  Foamy flash with cookie stains is just fine…

17 thoughts on “Cavesson v.s Drop, Or Remont, Noseband

  1. That is great news. Have you had a play with a bridle like the Mickleham or a PSOS which will have a similar effect to the cavasson/flash whilst circumnavigating the sensitive cranial nerves of the face?

    Just a thought while you are experimenting 🙂

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    1. PSOS, my fave. Perfect Sit of Sweden for those of you who don’t know.
      Waay out of budget though. I really do like all these new bridle designs to help with nerve pressure. Haven’t had a chance to experiment just yet…

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          1. There aren’t too many here in Australia, and the ones that are seem to want to charge extra $$ for the new design despite pretty poor leather quality 😦

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          2. Yeah, that was a little bit my feel for the Original Micklem too. It’s got sort of a hard, thick, leather, not poor quality, but just didn’t look all that special. So I never jumped the gun on it…
            Now that I’ve seen other options, I’m pining for them instead 🙂 There are a few cavessons out there that offer relief from certain nerve points, while also managing to look soft and supple.
            If that day ever comes, I’ll be sure to get a post up!!!

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  2. I find that Star goes best in whatever is new and different, just to keep me a bit off balance. Change something, and VOILA! Better horse! For awhile…then back to fidgeting. Keeps me experimenting and changing things. But overall, she seems to like the Micklem bridle, because she is a very sensitive girl. I even added sheepskin to the crown (she likes that). Still trying to figure out the best snaffle bit, though. That seems to be an endless search.

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    1. I think they DO like a change… Just because it feels different maybe, who knows…
      Haven’t tried a soft crown yet, if I had one I would! 🙂
      The snaffle, yeah, a toss up…. The Neue Schule seems alright still. Haven’t mustered up energy to experiment there any more lately. I should!


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