December Training Update

Here’s Where We Are.

Maybe there should be some sort of cool new tricks, moves, or feels up our sleeve.  But there isn’t.

trotting with young horse

No exciting big break-throughs.  Because, hey, it’s dressage, and sometimes the improvements come so slow it’s easy to “sort of miss” them.

Especially since one day they’re there.  And then the next they’re not.  Only to come back again.  I’m sure you can relate.


SO much fun doing this.  Can’t wait to see Gray Glimmer each time I head out there!

gray glimmer horse

The Latest:  some more forwardness.  Bit more attention to the leg, and, most important, the overall feel of the ride is much happier.  Happier riding is the best riding, right?

inside bend in trot

Tried a little more shoulder fore feeling on her in the canter, to get the inside hind to actually do some real work.  Horrid stuff according to Valiosa, and she has switched leads out of confusion sometimes.

A sign of weakness, sure.  But in a positive spin I take it as a sign of intelligence – she’s doing some thinking of her own and sort of guessing what all the monkey aids up there could mean!

Which means she tries.  And once your horse stops trying, there’s no real “play” going on any more.  So.  Yay!  Switching leads!

training a better leg yield

Getting tired of the “fake” lateral work I decided she must now move over immediately for the leg.  For real.  Not in a dressage test sort of way, just cross over the hind when asked, please.

So.  Now we sport sideways crab walk or trot for the outside leg without much style at various points in the arena.

Mostly when asked.  Later she should just softly flow over from just a weight aid, in the same rhythm and tempo.  While going mostly forward.

Getting sweaty and itchy just writing about it…  Leaving that alone for a while.

dressage horse lifting the back in canter

staying round in canter

Enjoy your last rides this year!

12 thoughts on “December Training Update

  1. Hi Elinor!
    It’s been a while, but still following you two. You know what big difference I see now? I see her whole posture changes. She has more neck and a more muscled hind quarter. Beautiful!! She is maturing and your training pays off. Beautiful!

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    1. Well,haha, I’m mostly putting up pictures where I don’t look too awful:)
      Sometimes it gets really bad when she has other ideas than going straight… 🙂
      So happy to hear you’re enjoying this site. Means a lot! Thank you!!

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    1. I love the boots too! Little shine is just fine!
      So glad to her she’s looking a little more up. New photo time with the boys before they go back to school after winter break… I really hope I can keep this thing going, so she looks just like that.
      The most Happy New Year to you Anne!! 🍾🥂😋

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