Fresh January Start

Deciding straight away, that THIS, will be one GREAT year!

If you got injured multiple times, sick, stressed out, sidelined, or any other type of word starting with S, last year – this is the chance to set up for a fresh start.

New Years Resolutions just smell of unused new-gym-memberships and stale home workout routines.Β  Let’s not go there.

Just a reset.

Best year ever – 2018.Β  Here we come!

riding with correct seat position

You should come too!

I’m all ears for your ideas on what you plan to fire off this year.Β  Big or small.

18 thoughts on “Fresh January Start

  1. Everybody’s (Laurie and Andrea) back to work, daughters off to frigid NY on equestrian business (I’ll leave it at that), and I’m in a big, rambling house with three closet organizers to assemble for said daughters, and entertaining the kitties. Fun time for sure. πŸ™‚

    The girls will be riding in Guadalajara at the WC show towards the end of the month, riding for a Mexican equestrian group. They’ll have 8 horses available for them, and will be riding a full schedule (5-7 events). The show is still part of the 2017 season. In that regard, we haven’t flipped the calendar to 2018 just yet.

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    1. Equestrian business in NY! Sounds like horse shoppin’ to me!… Waiting to hear πŸ™‚
      I hope by now you’ve got those closets straightened out, don’t know, maybe you even had to do the organizing. Nah, that’s all color coordinating stuff so I bet that was left to them πŸ˜‰

      Very exciting with going down to Mexico, and, if that means they won’t have to bring their own horses, maybe even better and less stress! Although if you asked me and I’d have to show an unknown horse I’d be pretty stressed anyway πŸ™‚


      1. The equestrian business would be riding at the next level, which is the really big stage. Of course, it would be making everything fit the girls’ calendar and their plans in the coming months.

        Guadalajara WC event – the girls received some study material on the horses they’ll be riding. It’s not the first time they’ll be showing unknown horses. The first few GPs they rode as juniors were on unknown horses. They say that’s half the fun – a couple of practice sessions, maybe three, then be ready to compete at a high level. Deborah says you can do it too. πŸ™‚

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        1. That’s exciting news! Lots of planning, and fretting, I’m sure. But how fun, and a huge accomplishment to step up even more. Well, with this, I have a feeling showing in the Sacramento area my never happen πŸ˜‰ It’s not exactly the hotbed, California capitol or not…

          And, I ride like a pitch fork for the first three rides on any new horse, so I’d place last πŸ˜‰


  2. Good friend and I are taking our horses to a freestyle clinic in March where their gaits will be evaluated for chosen music and choreography complementing both of them will be discussed. If all goes well, we will have new things to work on for a pas de deux instead of quadrille this year.

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    1. This is super exciting! Getting the right music to match the “look” of the horse and especially the gaits and rhythm, is so tricky. I definitely haven’t tried it yet. How fun to get to do a clinic with it!!!
      A pas de deux would be so much fun! Standing by to hear how you guys do!


    1. You’re on a great path to an awesome year already! As long as you can get through the winter storms, whether it keeps raining or if it starts snowing more, you’ll come out in spring and have a wonderful time!


  3. This year is to take up jogging again. I used to jog all the time and I sort of stopped a few years ago. It’s not about weight loss, I don’t worry too much about that, it’s about strength and freedom and power! Running is so awesome and I miss it.

    Other goals win a Preliminary championship and keep learning and learning as I go

    Mel x

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    1. Yes! Get your runs in! And, they should be viewed as runs, not just jogs πŸ™‚ Even if short and slower πŸ™‚ Every time I’m so injured I just can’t do them, I miss it so much.
      Hope you get out there, a little at a time!

      Oh, and winning a Championship sounds pretty good too of course πŸ˜‰


  4. I like the idea, especially after a year with a layup for Star, a major move for us, and a lot of set backs and minor frustrations here and there. But it still feels like two steps forward and then a big hop back. Cannot get those flying changes to be reliable, for example. Ah well…

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    1. This is for sure the most humbling part with the horses – the constant set backs… Nothing major has happened to me and this mare just yet, which makes me almost brace more for impact. Not knowing if and when something will come crashing down and we’ll be reduced to hand walking, or worse, stall rest. (Ignoring having a concussion and then later twisting off a finger – minor stuff, and doesn’t count since it was me, not her.)
      Enjoy being back in the saddle! Don’t worry with the changes, perfect the other work instead, and I’m sure she’ll come around for you to where she one day can do them just like clock work!

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