Barn Time – The Black Hole

-“So if you’re no longer doing any work or chores at the barn, how come it’s been almost 5 hours since you left and came back?”

Recent question at home…

Well, sometimes it just takes.  Longer.

barn bird
Barn bird. Waiting for oats

That day was one of those days where I could see her sleeping when driving in.  Her two sentries stood guard, two quiet drones watching over her, one hind cocked but alert.

Gray puff-ball laid in a regal pose with her head propped up on the ground.  Deep sleep.  Gave her a few extra minutes before finally walking out there.

She’s decided there’s no longer any reason for alarm when I go to her while laying down.  Never gave her any reason in the first place.  So she stayed down, of course I had to stand there for a while with the others, guarding sort of.

Carrots in bed, some mane scritches, a strange cat-like stretch-move while laying down, and she could finally be convinced to come up.  That stuff takes time.

Part of the reason I have her in the first place – to enjoy her whale-like body and watch her doing strange things.  And sometimes watching birds together.

morning dove at barn
Another barn bird

At the end of riding there was an opportunity to try out a Haflinger for a few minutes.  Haven’t ridden one for many years, so why turn that down?

She also needed to have her mane mutilated while icing her hinds, so we did that with scissors too.

Plus, she wouldn’t finish her grain in the stall where she stands for a while before going back out, so she needed pieces of apple rolled in the left over salt to get her to eat it.

gray horse standing with rider
Wasn’t exactly a time-efficient barn day.


28 thoughts on “Barn Time – The Black Hole

        1. Suspecting she is half of a magical unicorn, only very tiny tiny ergots over here.

          Back when I rode a Friesian, they could easily pop out at over 2 inches if I didn’t keep it up under all that hair… yucky!🤢


  1. LOL this is so me, Oh i’m just going to feed Freddy and Moo. When i get back, oh I had to organise my tack shed again, put some cream on fred’s itch, wash a rug, have a look at something questionable on a rug. etc etc
    we look for excuses to be there i think!!
    Mel x

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  2. Back when I boarded Ed used to say that he just always assumed that I would be gone 3-5 hours and that way could be pleasantly surprised when I was home early. Now they are literally in my back yard and I can still be gone for hours at the ‘barn’. 🙂

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    1. Of course!! Maybe even more now, when you don’t have to “get on the road to head home” at a certain time… If I had my own, I’d probably just come in to eat and drink LOL 🙂


  3. My husband’s comment every time I leave for the barn on Saturday and Sunday morning at 9am: “Ok, so I’ll see you at…midnight right?”
    The barn just sucks you in! There is always something to clean, always something to tidy up, always something to watch and learn about, and always an animal to love and work with.

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    1. Sounds like we are all the same Caitlin! I hear you 🙂
      Yesterday I took the opportunity to waste little extra time. Just 20 minutes or so but very helpful. Just watching some fantastic Talent who came up from San Diego to ride a young horse. It all helps, in small pieces 🙂


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