Riding In Wind

January – You’re Awesome!

The kind of day where plastic bags and other strange creatures drag themselves across the ground.  Smallish sized cardboard and trash flicker, shape-changing and dying on the side of the roads.

Lights in the indoor arena moan.  Walls breathing, whispering -“The end is near.” to your horse.

What’s it going to be?

riding in windy weather

Sure let’s ride!


Forever grateful it’s winter and NOT dreadful valley summer heat.  Love not having to drench both of us in the cross ties after every ride.  Month after month.

Here’s Gray Pearl.  In August…

heat exhaustion in horses
So happy this is not now.

10 thoughts on “Riding In Wind

  1. This happened to me yesterday; plastic bags tearing across the arena in the 80km wind, and the trees scraping along the side of the walls. I opted to not do anything too exciting, lest I inadvertently got catapulted into the dirt.

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    1. Really depends on the horse, right?!! Sometimes it can just be plain suicide to even hand walk them 😉
      My mare stays fairly safe in weather. Until a “new” item shows up in the wrong place… 😉
      Glad you stayed safe!!

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  2. Hah! Our “riding in the wind” is all indoors this time of year, unless you enjoy riding on ice. However…there is still lots to contend with. The wind can be ferocious, and it bangs all kind of weird things against the arena walls and slaps stuff around the doorways. If it warms up a bit, all the snow and ice on the roof melts and slides down with a tremendous whoosh and then a rattling plop as the pieces hit the ground. We have loudspeakers connected to a radio in the ring and always try to keep the music turned up pretty high during these events. Wonder of wonders, that actually works.

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    1. I like that!! Just drowning it with music – awesome! And makes it so much easier for the horses.

      I DO remember those snow sheets loosening and falling. Like dead bodies dropping – domesday for dressage riding for sure. (We were just kids trying to post on the right diagonal, and didn’t care much about anything then.)

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    1. Everyone here seems to really dislike the fog too. The thick, sound dampening, almost inpenetrable layer of gray that can stick around for a while. I live above the fog line, just by a few miles or so, but it makes a difference (and looks gorgeous from a hill!!), so it doesn’t bother me at all. Feels sort of nice to drive out to the barn and ride in the fog!! Of course, with wind, it all scatters away 🙂


    1. Great, and welcome to the blog Cecilia! Stick around for a while! I’ve been writing of riding, and horses in general, here for 4 years, and the site keeps growing and growing. Glad to have you along!


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