Again – Shout-Out To All Friends!

You are simply awesome!

Can’t believe the site’s been going for 4 years, and you keep checking in on us!

Taking time to write supportive comments, or just seeing what we’re up to.  Absolutely fantastic!  And very motivating.

leaving leather halters on in stalls

Which is definitely needed…


I have mentioned we are at a high level show barn.  Right?

No one else really trains on their own there.

Or with this type of horse.

You’d be surprised how it can define your riding if not careful.

dressage on a dime


Maybe I’ll put a short post up on that stuff later, as soon as there’s some time to write.

First, sharing pictures of Gray Mare looking sublime – coming up next!

a horse for elinor

Thank you, always, for cheering us on!

14 thoughts on “Again – Shout-Out To All Friends!

    1. Yay! Alli to the rescue – my goal of getting out to see him had completely fallen off the radar. That’s it! I’ve got it on my calendar now and I plan to audit on the 13th! It will mean a day off for Valiosa, so you made her happy too 😉
      Thank you SO much for the heads up – I need some good inspiration!

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        1. That would have been so fun to say Hi!!!
          I really just can’t wait to go! Alli gave me dates earlier, but that time it never panned out, not sure, I got injured, sick, or both. Then it fell off the radar. This time I’m there!

          Silly and half embarrassed of not measuring up quite well, I don’t think I’m ready to bring her. She’s so quirky and this is one big dollar clinic… If someone will take me next time, I’d really like to go, big girl pants on.


    1. That’s so great you can see it!! Appreciate the comment on it!
      Her conformation is not the “super ideal” for a dressage horse one would like to bring up the levels. But, with all this work, she’s become very fit, and the muscles are coming on in all the right places, so she’s starting to look really nice.


    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Many mornings, we look mostly mud caked and dirt discolored now in the winter. The stalled horses probably frown at her 😉 But she’s SO happy, and me too! 🙂


  1. Sorry I have gotten to this so late, what a nice post …

    and also happy happy belated birthday. I will not forget next year!!
    I love following your blog, it’s pretty wonderful. A grey horse is on my bucket list, I want a gelding though.
    Keep posting mate.
    Mel x

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    1. Glad you liked it!!
      Life is spinning fast over here – sometimes I don’t have much time over at the end of the day for reading. Like every one else!

      And yep, sticking to a gelding was my original plan too! So much easier! 🙂

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