Some Days – Better Than Others

Here she is again, lovely.

As promised on Wednesday – more schooling with Slick Silver.


dressage trot with young horse


canter with gray mare

A little softer, just a little easier, yay!

horse rounding the back in canter

Afterward, I butchered her mane.  Budget boy-cut style.  Mildly awkward.  February will be better again…

Elinor Yee


Waited over 3 years for her to come around…  Now that she’s here, better figure out how to make her want to stay.

12 thoughts on “Some Days – Better Than Others

  1. Sometimes I truly miss training youngsters. It was so much fun to make those forward steps, even when they were tiny but positive. Thanks for letting me share your forward progress with your beautiful mare.

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    1. 🙂 And thank you for coming along Tamara!
      Yes, many small steps forward. Lately I’ve felt that we’ve been sort of stuck, and that can be very unmotivating. Now though, she’s making all sorts of advances. Love it!!


        1. With all her crazy things and shortcomings, I feel so lucky to have her. I love watching her body mature and get stronger and more mature. She’s getting so much more powerful than that first year of light riding, when she truly didn’t seem like she’d ever really be able to canter well. Serious about that, it was a really weird gait for her 😉


          1. I started an Arab mare that had a weird canter as a youngster. It felt like she would go pogo legged if you will. Very stiff and no fluidity through the shoulder. She improved with age and patience. Her mother never could canter worth a flip until the day she died. But was the best trail horse I ever had

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          2. That thing, with the pogo legged canter! It’s what we had, and very four beat! Now that’s she’s learning to come more round, she’s balancing more, and it’s becoming one of her better gaits 🙂


  2. Some days – better than others. A truism in many ways.

    We got back from Guadalajara early this afternoon. A very good show for the girls, but they’ve said there are a few things they still need to work on. Next week, they’ll tend to another iron in the fire.

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