Riding Mares In Heat

Sometimes tricky.

You don’t always know what you’ll get.

This time, her heat cycle was much more intense than compared to a year ago.  Last month, in December, it was barely noticeable.  She was mostly spooky and intense.  Silly to the leg etc.  Oh, and spooky.  Maybe I said that.

Then, just a few weeks later, we got this.

riding mare in heat

Canter transitions were.  Exciting.

bucking mare in heat

The 3rd day, I’d had enough and we hacked on the property instead.  There are some gravel and asphalt areas – great for cooling off.  Next time I’ll do the same if she’s just as bothered.  While working more on stuff at, well, at the walk.  🙂

Below, a short road-stretch out to what I call the “poop field”.  It’s an uneven field, all green on the horizon there, where manure, shavings, and straw is spread out from the stalls each day.  A “sacrifice” field, far away from the barn and pastures.

hacking out when in heat

The footing is pretty iffy.  A swamp after rains.  And in summer heat there’s no way we’ll go out there and bake.

Right now, it’s the ideal thing for us.  Valiosa thinks it’s an interesting place; we head out there when we can to preserve a four beat walk.  On some days, she’ll walk very forward, using her back more, especially on a short uphill slant, – a treasure!

The poop field even has a pond at the bottom.

You already know what it’s filled with…

12 thoughts on “Riding Mares In Heat

      1. 🙂 🙂 It’s either that, or die.
        Yesterday was another really wacky day. I
        was caught by surprise by a humping back and sort of a squeal even at the thought of trot. This morning, we both outsmarted each other, taking a nice walk outside in the sun before going back in the arena – voila, nice and soft ride! Mares!… Sigh 😉


    1. Yes, and I respect her for that. Still though, there’s so much negotiating, it can wear me out sometimes. Oh, my, a towel! That’s new, I can’t go by! Leg on my side, oh dear, I must roach and squeal. What’s this now, turning right – yep, I’ll just throw my self over there, fastest way to get there, you still on?!…
      She’s teaching me to become very tactful, but insistent.


    1. Yeah, she’s a 2012 filly? I thought we were just fine last year, especially since the “end of winter” went pretty good. Now, I get to learn to be very in tune with how she feels on a day to day basis. I’m pretty sure this will all end once the hot weather sets in, so I’m not all that worried about it.
      I hope Carmen stays the course!!


  1. Ah, mares…looks like she’s doing self-chiropractic there. Very sensible of you to change up the work plan and just go with the flow. We have a show coming up in a short time. Fingers crossed we don’t get an intense heat cycle like that. What would THAT do to our show, oh dear…

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    1. Yes – she can get very “anticipative”, not even a word, but anyway. So it upsets her to go into the contact in the walk, just knowing that soon she’ll trot. And then she’ll have little explosions in the early work. So nice…
      Today, we walked outdoors in the sun, I timed in, 19 minutes with long rein and a bit of contact toward the end. Then into the arena, more walk, then to work. And she was lovely. SO opinionated 😉
      Wishing you ALL the best in the show, how exciting! I think this is your first since the injury and the big more – so fingers crossed for a really fun experience. Let me know how it goes! No heat cycles!


      1. Thank you for the good wishes! We survived it and overall it went very well. Star was a good girl (not in heat, thank God!). Will write it up for HorseSage soon – Del Mar Fairgrounds was mind-blowing…

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