Kicking Off February With Something Different!

For the first time –

Opening up for some guest, or ghost, posts!

Completely different format and content, just for fun.  Then back to horses of course, no worries.  Look, here’s a horse right now, to tide you over.

guest posts and ghost writing on horse blog

Peek in on Friday to see the guest post.

Want to take part with a guest post of your own!? 

Chime in below in the comments!  You can link up to your own content to share your own, or work from somebody else.  No rules this weekend!

16 thoughts on “Kicking Off February With Something Different!

    1. Oh wow, I never thought of that, I figured I’d just open up for some other awesome bloggers to get a bit of spotlight on their posts. And for everyone to have a chance to check out something new. This could be bigger than I thought, if we go the whole month 🙂
      (actually pretty appealing since still have a day job and do other training on top of riding, writing always comes last, sigh.)
      I’d love to have you along Anne ♡! Shoot over a link to post, or several!!, that you’d like to include and I’m going to have a post this weekend linking up to it. This will be fun!!


    1. Everybody is just awesome with all this!!!!! Never thought we’d have so many interested.
      So! Reply with a link, or links, to a post you’d like me to link up to and I better get busy this weekend doing a write up on this! 🤗😍😍

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