That Wasn’t Really Fair To Her

Those bucking pictures earlier, last week…

She deserves a better reputation than that.  (But Hey, it would help if you’d behave under saddle most days too!)

We’ve had some lovely moments during rides.  Always toward the end.  She never comes out ready to give anything for free.  First, we negotiate, then, she’ll consider doing something more productive.

dressage with gray horse

She’ll tolerate absolutely no bullying.  Riding her like that will make her shut down immediately.  Instead, she has to want to do it.  Which she sometimes does.  Look how cute and straight she can be!

a horse for elinor 2018

Walking pirouettes happen too now, but you better just think it, not come with some ugly aid.  She feels staying round throughout all those steps is overkill though, so she’s not ready to show it off just yet.

Gray mare, going.

dressage on a dime 2018

9 thoughts on “That Wasn’t Really Fair To Her

  1. Awwww I knew that Valiosa was just having one of her “days.” ‘Cause under that bucking spell, she’s a swee,t well-behaved mare!!! ❤ Love the pictures!

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    1. Aww, thank you Cecilia. There’s something about every horse, if you just take care to make them a little happy and only take pictures when they are at their very best – almost all of them will look truly beautiful 🙂
      Thank you for a wonderful comment!


    1. Oh, makes me feel so much better Teresa because Carmen is SUCH a lovely mare. I really do wish Valiosa could be her “southern twin” 😉 !!
      So much personality in those two. Argh. Some days, very challenging. Then, the next day sweet as honey, so we just can’t stay away haha!


  2. I absolutely adore your boots… and your horse (but you already know that!)

    It’s kind of nice that you have to “work” for it with her, because she is making you a better rider and trainer – not just throwing out all the tricks for nothing.

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    1. Oh yeah, there’s absolutely no “giving me free tricks” of any kind. Heck, I have to work hard to just come down the long side without wobbling. Still. Heartbreaking but true haha!

      Thanks for the boot comment! They’re Ariat’s, with my own “extras.” There’s even a post about them on the page on the Horse Tips Page if you want to venture that way on your own 🙂

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