1 Second Motivation Before Mounting Up

Quick.  Take a peek at one of your pictures where things are just right!

Because there are days where some of us might feel, well, as if we’re just never going to get anywhere with this whole thing.

Just imagining that poky feeling in the canter.  Sort of 4 beat – ‘Hey, are the hocks even moving, or are we just stabbing the ground…?”

Enough to make things look sort of dull.  Before even mounting up.

That’s where a little power picture can come in! 

collecting the canter

A quick glance at a moment where things feel pretty good, pretty up, pretty together.  I like this one!

Try it before the next ride!

boy leading horse
Stinkerbelle & her friend.

What’s your 1 second tip?!

12 thoughts on “1 Second Motivation Before Mounting Up

  1. After meeting up, this past weekend, with Dale Dedrick, Paralympic rider, who can no longer ride due to health issues I tell myself I am soooooo lucky to be able to ride. No matter what I may be feeling like or how I think my ride may go. I AM ABLE TO RIDE. I AM RIDING! That puts a smile on my face. And thanks for your tip. It’s a very good one.

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  2. You have your list on what you want to accomplish in practice; your horse has their list. It is okay to make mistakes during practice, which means no frustration.

    Your son is great with Valiosa. You may want to confer a position title for him. 🙂

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    1. Agreed!
      I think most of my hang up on it all is that I want to be better for HER… feeling that I should be able to help her more by now.

      And yes, he DOES need a title. He used to be my Jr. European Trainer, but now that he no longer “trains” me and Valiosa, perhaps he needs a new conifer 😉


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