Finding The Best Quality In Your Horse

We talked about this before the weekend.

About the importance of knowing the one quality you appreciate the most in your horse.  Sometimes the answer can be a bit surprising.

As promised, here’s what I appreciate most with Gray Mare.

We can do focused work, while staying (relatively) safe. 

No lunging on Monday mornings.  We work in all sorts of weather.  (Although less, eh, well, in wind.)  And with some negotiation, we work when she’s in heat, and when other stuff is going on.

Sure, she often drops her shoulder, bucks, or more recently, throws in a huge spin when she spooks at random ridiculous things.

Ignoring the death-speed bolting across the grass field when there are turkeys there.  Oh yeah, and the dolphin moves with squealing if she’s feeling ON and you make the mistake of touching her with the leg, you know, to say, -“Hey, we can’t stand and stare here like a statue any longer or you’re going to spook yourself out.”  Or if she’s touched with the leg at any time she’s feeling a bit feisty.

Forget that.  It’s mostly for show.

finding the best quality in your horse
Most days, she can work, breathing hard, and really trying.
grey dressage mare

The best part – she’ll come back down, just as easy.  I appreciate this with her so much.  Makes things much more fun – working without too much nerve.

horse relaxing after working

More irrelevant, I also love how she’ll hold absolutely still if I’m around her legs.  Taking off ice boots, fiddling with blanket straps, she’ll hold, making sure never to hurt her human.  Nice quality in a friend.

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  1. What a fabulous quality to have in your partner. It’s the same here…Clay is as close to bombproof as it gets, without trading safety for athleticism and “go”. I rode him while i was pregnant and he never put a toe out of line once. And when all the other horses in the horse show warmup were losing their minds and quite literally dumping their riders right and left because a Dorito Bag of Death was flying all over the place, Clay stood there in the middle of the ring calmly watching the chaos. 😛 My only fear now is that I have forgotten how to ride a spook. Love him so much.

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    1. Aww, that is a fantastic little man!!!! Ok, we’re far from that. She can get in quite a tissy if someone else is just snorting 😉
      I practice riding spooks here and there, but she stays mainly safe.

      He’s a gold nugget through and through!!


      1. His sire was one of those rare stallions that could be ridden around a field by kids with a halter, and his dam was a favorite little Morgan school pony, so I guess he gets it from both sides. But I love that he has fire and pizzaz in there too…I’m working on tapping into that, and having it be more accessible, because currently he acts VERY quiet and behind the leg away from home, and saves his pizzaz for when we’re at home. Our most brilliant rides are always when no one is watching! 😛 Last time we showed I galloped him down the long side of the arena before entering at a collected trot because I needed to light his fire haha

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        1. Isn’t that something…! I find that I ride the best when on my own, almost in trance, too. It will last for short periods, but it’s almost as if it’s first then that I actually “sit” in the saddle, she can feel weightaids, and suddenly we really “do our thing together.” Wonderful, but never if anyone else is there 😉
          I bet with a gallop down to the judge, then three rapid fire transitions through the corner, before C, and corner again, and into some other trot-canter-trot on your way down to A, will really get him going 🙂 Maybe not the first impression we want to set, but whatever, you’ll look stunning coming down centerline and that’s what counts 😉

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  2. I love this! I love what you love about her.
    My Freddy: I love his cuddles and tactile ways. i love that he can read me, and if I am not completely 100% happy, freddy always knows and searches for a hug. What a great mate!
    My Moo: I love that i can always count on him to try. Even if he spooks, or if he trips because of his conformation, Moo gives everything a go and you always want that in a friend.

    Mel x

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