Got Anywhere With Your Riding This Month?

I THINK we did…

OK, so toward the end of each month I like to quickly look back to see if we’ve “gotten anywhere.”  Usually we have.

When there isn’t a concussion, broken finger, interesting lung infections, multiple moves, job changes, family members with plague (or something like it.) or running injuries – then there’s usually some sort of progress to show at the end of the month!

schooling rides in winter

To celebrate February, it’s time to check out some new schooling pics! 

(Just have to download the pictures.)  To make things more sunny and bright for your own riding and training, let’s start with a post with schooling stuff I think suck the most right now for us.  Before showing less sucky areas.

It’ll be great, and much more real!

riding problems with young horses

But first, remember that poop-pond I mentioned?  It’s actually really pretty.  Come on down to the pond with us tomorrow and take a look!

gray horses in winter coat

6 thoughts on “Got Anywhere With Your Riding This Month?

  1. Regarding your question, my daughters accomplished what they had planned. Much of their practice was off-saddle, letting their horses be horses for February.

    March 1 is the start of meteorological spring, it is time to get out there and begin to get show ready, they say. “No more excuses about I can’t do this and that. That is what practice is for.” The sage words are from Trish, the daughters’ riding instructor/coach, and which the girls have adopted as their own. Trish again, “Sometimes the breakthrough comes from simply riding, not always in the practice ring.” She rode plenty of World Cup in the 1990s, making the finals twice.

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    1. You have no idea how timely your comment is! Contemplating a show, finally (!) again in March. Not entirely confident that we have improved just as much as we actually needed since we last went out in October, I started to think maybe we should wait. But seriously, you have to practice Showing, not just practice at practicing 😉
      So, I’m taking the words from Trish and going with it 🙂

      And, your ranch looks absolutely stunning with all the snow!!


      1. Trish would be proud of you, deciding to get out there and show. Deborah knows you have all the tools to make a breakthrough with Miss Valiosa. It’s a matter of putting it together, and that comes through experience.

        The girls will open their season next month, in early April. It’s pretty much a front-loaded start for them. They’re aiming to dominate their events. The Guadalajara experience gave them a chance to kick it up a few notches.

        We’re still discovering the beauty of our ranch. The big one is our first views of the Milky Way. Unfortunately, we’re too far south to see any auroras. It would have to be one huge magnetic storm to generate an aurora in our location.

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        1. I’m sure they’re really excited to get started out there again! April is still some time away. Lots of preparations.

          I grew up in the more southern part of Sweden, outside a larger city, so we never had the auroras there. I’d think you’d have be go up a bit more North to get the special views. It’s truly magical!


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