Spring Inspiration!

Hi all!

We’re in the middle of a 4-day rain and wind period.  It’s been a bit intense but everything’s still standing – no problems.  Just really stormy.

For any one stuck inside early spring inspiration today!

riding in tall grass

This was just the other week.  Love all the green to the max before it all burns out in summer!  climbing hill with tall grass at the walk

Climbing back up, Gray Silverine had lots of opinions about the scary tall grass.

 – “Snake grass!  I’m sure!  It’s too deep, I’m bolting out of here, NOW!”  Arguing about the pace.

riding in tall grass

Guess who won?  But maybe just this time…  Unless I want to hike back up in the snake grass alone 😉

not bolting up hills

spring with cherry tree and horse
Have a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Spring Inspiration!

  1. Great pics as usual!! That green grass is beautiful!! We just had 10 inches of snow melt here. It’s a beautiful day but only in the 40’s. It will be at least another month here before anything at all is even the slightest bit green.

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    1. More hills please! I’ve always loved them, and was thrilled to find this smaller one at the property, sort of hidden. Now, just have to convince the horse it’s totally OK to actually go out there, without dying 😉

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  2. How wonderful…so good for their brains to get outside the arena walls. Even if they act squirrelly. So beautiful to my eyes to see all that green! We’re under a winter storm watch currently….more snow coming, after a brief thaw last week (total tease). Sigh. I keep telling myself “At least there’s no bugs!” 😉 I also do not enjoy our long and torturous mud season here….I prefer the snow over that! I am curious who the delightful soul is who takes all your beautiful pictures?

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    1. Spring will come! Hold out Tonia!
      So glad you like the pictures. It’s special to get these, pretty much all of them are taken by my oldest son. Ever since the start of the blog. Many in the beginning by my husband, but now that I can’t even bribe him any longer, my son has done it for years. He’s very patient. Although he’d much rather be doing something else.
      Whenever I’m not in the picture, it’s usually me who took it.


      1. How nice!! What a good kid, and a great photographer!! I think it’s so helpful to have schooling pictures like that. I am lucky to have a photographer in the family as well, but I can usually only bribe him to taking photos at shows. 😛

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