Valiosa, Being Awesome

Hi friends,

Looks like these blog posts aren’t going to write themselves…  This morning’s lesson went well.  Latest fun evasion is running through – and out the outside shoulder in canter.  Silly rider, maybe thinking I could just sit there?

We had more good moments than usual – thrilled with Gray Mare!


Here’s the latest photo bomb.

softer hind end steps

Favorite shot below!

Reaching under with inside hind, soft open neck, relaxed mouth, good eye, no inside rein (small miracle!), relaxed tail, back is up.

trotting with tail relaxed

Who knew she could ever get to that, so happy!

azteca mare trotting

trotting without tilting nose to the side

Picture overload, I know. Just didn’t have the heart to erase them all.
posting trot longer stirrups

tracking under in trot

Today is Favorite Tuesday, track day, if you’re lucky enough to have tendons that still let you fling around at the track at slower-and-slower paces each year.  I still do, some weeks, so will be there – after inhaling a second cup of coffee.  Wonder what’ll get injured this time 🙂

22 thoughts on “Valiosa, Being Awesome

    1. More willing – that’s it! Easier to ride then!
      And, I consider every night I get to play on the track a small miracle.
      Somehow I’ll also run a Half Marathon this Sunday. We’ll see how it goes – it’s not my distance of choice.


    1. Thank you Anne! It has been, and still is, so incredibly difficult, that I often wonder if I’m simply not cut out to do this with her. To get to just this simple stage has seemed anything but a normal challenge. It’s very encouraging to hear this from you. We’re going to keep on going 😉

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    1. Yay! I think we both are, to a point. When she goes in to just a little bit more free flowing motion, not so jerky and staccato, it’s easier to ride. So I relax. And she relaxes. Wonderful stuff when it all combines. Now I just need to be able to ride her more “while leaving her alone”, and we can keep improving. Now, the canter is not as relaxed… 😉

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        1. That would be great! In every day training, it’s all about creating consistency. This has been one of the biggest challenges for us – I tend to mix things up a bit, too much, for her. And then get surprised when getting back to the same sweet spot is hard.


    1. Thank you Edie!! We’ve worked so hard, and she’s come a long way!
      Still, it’s far from this pretty other than at just the right moment, but they come more often now, and yes, she’s really finding herself in the work.


  1. Super!! You both look relaxed! Wonderful to have rides like that every so often, to keep us going when the going gets tough. The super annoying thing about dressage is that when your rides start being real nice all the time, you know it’s time to take the next step into harder stuff, and then of course everything feels awful again for a while. 😉 Ahhhh, dressage (you can read that “ah” as a sigh or a scream….either works. ;))

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    1. Haha, so can relate to this! She can “tolerate” staying in the hand and working more focused now, so glad for that, as before she’d always “push back” from her whole body.
      We still struggle with the transitions though. She has to relax and flow more before I can start fiddle around with anything else. Going straight would be nice too 😉


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