Friday Night Exhaustion

One of those weeks where, when you get to the end, it feels like one very long race.

Valiosa is getting a rare stretch of 4 days off in a row.  Good for her – it’s hard work, all that grass chewing 😉  Next weekend will be a lot more demanding for her, more on that later.

distance running and riding
For now, just some canter pictures.

ride and run

While she rests, I’ll work, and head out to that Half Marathon.  It’ll be a fun event with great company of a few thousand runners.  Really looking forward to seeing tons of old friends from almost two decades of running in this area.

Feels mostly like a dressage test to be honest – just showing up, winging it, hoping for the best.  If you’re at all competitive, you know that’s not all that great.

An age-group placement will be very hard to come by.  Loads of fun – a given!

black and white silver horse

Secretly miss her already. It’s been 1 day.

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