Refreshing The Riding. Without Riding

Sometimes it’s just too much with all the riding and training.

Overwhelming.  Never hopeless, really.

There’s always plain wonderful awesomeness with being able to continue riding and training!  But, simply too much sometimes.

tense horse out doors
All of today’s shots: Valiosa down at the end of the property. This is exactly how tense she’ll be at the next show. 🙂

That’s where it’s so great to get to have a completely different activity to focus on!

For me, it’s the running. Something black and white, showing clear results.  Such a great polar opposite to riding!

posting trot on tense horse

riding worried horses
Just a quick test ride outside a sandy lunging area. She thought it was creepy.

Last race – age group win, 3rd in Masters, 7.14 pace average for the Half Marathon, with lots of room to pick things up next time.  Sure, you’ll get slower with age of course, but it’s still so much fun!

gray horse trotting outdoors
easter colors and gray horse

Feeling refreshed, and ready to get back and fumble with dressage.

Hope you’ve found an alternate thing to focus on too!
riding in small lunging circle
mature horse muscling

4 thoughts on “Refreshing The Riding. Without Riding

  1. You did well with the run. I still run an 8-min mile, and try to get in 2-3 miles every morning outdoors – rain, snow, or sun. The others work a pair of treadmills.

    The horse riding, I’d say you look darn good. I say the same for my girls. We got the countdown calendar going for the season start. 🙂

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    1. Running is so great, on all levels. Hope to do for as long as I can. Realizing time is shrinking…
      Glad you’re getting out there!!
      This summer, when we hit the crazy heat for so many months on end, I’ll do some workouts at treadmill at home in the afternoon. So the horse can still get to work in the cooler morning hours 🙂


  2. Beautiful pictures!! What wonderful form you both have! I’m a triathlete, so I swim, bike and run, and I would say running is my favorite–but as of now, I’m taking a break from running, as I have shin splints in one leg–which is really odd, since I really haven’t been running a LOT, and a common cause of shin splints is overuse!!

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Hope the shin splints are better. They’re so annoying, and usually come on when runners first start picking up their mileage. Since you’re already out there doing all those things, maybe it’s time for new shoes… Hope they heal up and go away soon!!


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