Quick Way To Forget All About A Show

Sudden lameness!  Works for everyone…

Valiosa came out really lame after a rest day, two days after the show.

Enough for frantic vet calls when it got worse, not better, after resting some more.  Her first real bout with anything like this.  Sure thing, an abscess.  Hoof testers found a very tender, soft area on the heel bulb.

Things got busy with twice daily soakings…

soaking front hoof abcess
This explains some of the over-the-top show temperament the weekend before. Poor girl!

To match, I cut my own finger, deep, at work last weekend.  Things are much more interesting when you’re applying duct tape over a diaper on a dragon horse if you have to do it with a wrapped finger sticking straight out in the air 🙂

This morning, she lunged really sound!  With sound effects – because piggy squeals every canter transition are a must when you’re in heat and haven’t done anything for a week and a half.  Right?

Trying a short, easy ride with lots of walking tomorrow, before she rests another three days while I work.

Something like this would be nice.  Good luck with that…  Fingers crossed she’ll behave.

Have a feeling she may be a little pill to ride next week after all this.  I’ll take it!

riding in snake grass
Nope, no plans to brave the snake grass until someone can breathe a little more normal.

14 thoughts on “Quick Way To Forget All About A Show

    1. Oh no kidding!! I thought yesterday would have been it, first time with some lungeing. Nope. Quite full of it today too. I never really lunge any more, but did today. It’s our first warm days (supposed to get to 79 F now, oh no!!!) and she was really sweaty.
      Then still full of go for some light trotting under saddle. Geee, we’ll see about tomorrow… 😉


      1. Biasini has thin soles so before I bought him he did have a couple of abscesses. He had one after I bought him and then I started using Keratex 2x a week on the recommendation of my farrier. So we have , so far, had no more. In the past my daughter’s horse had them and we did the soaking soaking soaking .

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        1. Today is the first day (and maybe more so tomorrow) that the temperatures will creep up to 79F. The grounds will try super quick long before the weekend, and the torrid dryness will set in. (You can tell I’m not a fan.) Anyway, great for hooves though.
          I’m going to take you up on that tip and start Keratex, or some other hoof sealant/hardener during the next wet season for sure! Hmmm, some time at the end of October then. Sounds so long 😦

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    1. Well, hehe, this was day two. She turned much more impatient by the time for the second soaking that night. Two days of stall rest and she wasn’t going to stand around looking all meek like this! 😉

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    1. Thank you, I’m thrilled too! Was so ridiculously worried about her. And not happy knowing I rode her at the show, before the swelling came up, while she was probably already tender on it.
      Glad it’s going to be over soon!


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