March Show – Here’s The Picture Evies

Good moments from the show.

She can be a real sweetie, and these are the good parts in the first test!  As promised, the crazier parts will be up this weekend.

Leg yield right, and left.  Although in the first one, maybe I’m leg yielding more than her.  🙂

leg yield right

leg yield left

Nice, deep, canter corner. Go gray mare!

canter at first level test 2

Nailing the Centerline turn.  First Level has 4 of them, one of these days we’ll get all!

turning on to centerline in trot

Recovering from spooking.  (You get no points for that, but hey, it still counts right?!)

showing horse with abscess

This was the first test, which was our worst. Still – had fun with Marshmallowpuff, and while she was scared and tense she tried her best.  Extra points if you’re still smiling after butchering a test!

having fun while showing dressage

Coming up Saturday morning – The Uglier Parts…

15 thoughts on “March Show – Here’s The Picture Evies

    1. This is a good ride. Excellent form all the way round, solid control of Miss Valiosa. Since you mentioned there was some passing thunder, that can spook any horse … even a well-seasoned one. Regarding the abscess, it was probably beginning to bother her. All in all, you likely did better in your performance than what you showed (the bad parts). While most riders don’t like to cut themselves slack when an injury is present, cut yourself a little more than you normally would. Always build off your positives. 🙂

      Ride well,

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      1. Oh I appreciate this!
        It’s hard when you want to do well, and end up doing worse than in prior competitions. Thank you!
        Starting to doubt everything and anything.
        I’m sure you’ve been there.
        Then finding out that she must have been in pain was even worse. Poor baby!
        Well tomorrow the less pretty pictures are going up haha!


  1. I always thought I should have gotten extra points at my first dressage show when my horse (well, not mine, but one I borrowed) tripped and fell to his knees while on his way to the ring and I didn’t come off!

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