Show Bucking & Other Moves

Gray Bean struggled to keep it together in the first test.

Way in over her head, and with a secret abscess brewing in her left front, she really just wanted to get out of there.

Giant buck, followed by sloppy half levade.

rearing after bucking

On to other interpretative move.  Not even sure which end is coming up or down here.

horse misbehaving in test

New Rider Score Sheet Check Box:  Rider carrying on like nothing’s happening.  Check ∅!

bad dressage show behaviour

Several pats to carry on with the canter in a 15 meter later on. She was very strong here. Sometimes the only way to get through then is to completely soften and follow.
We all know this, but wow it can be hard in the show-ring.

petting the horse in a dressage test

Excellent, square halt wasn’t enough to make a good impression of it all.  Her chomping on the bit, head popped up, and look of “What-Just-Happened-?” in her eyes is priceless.

square halt at x

16 thoughts on “Show Bucking & Other Moves

  1. Teehee, I just love your serene expression through all of that monkey business! And that giving hand on the canter circle. Also, your turn-out is A+! And that halt was delicious…wiley look in Val’s eye aside. 😉 Your grin at the end says it all. Thanks for sharing the honest moments as well as the ones you’re proud of. I can relate so much to both.

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    1. 🙂 The only way to ride this horse. She can crack me up, really. Meek and submissive, only to be completely bothered and taking the lead on her own the next.
      No way was I going to not finish though – we carried on 😉


  2. A nice smile from you, a mouth full of froth from Miss Valiosa. Couldn’t have a better finish.

    When you resume more riding with the hoof abscess a distant memory, you’ll have some work to do. The easiest will be getting Valiosa accustomed to the crowded show through your home barn. The more she sees, hear and smells, Valiosa will gain more confidence. Similarly, work on your confidence too. A bad showing does not mean reevaluating your process. It’s just a bad day at the office. Look at your photos and regroup. Once her problem areas begin to improve, the both of you will have more confidence in the show ring … especially when it’s a bad show. Patience is your friend. Sounds a lot; I trust you to get it done. Okay?! 🙂

    Our schedule will be busy from about now through the end of July. A combination of shows on the road, with about for downtime and a little practice on home ground.

    Ride well,

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    1. Always appreciate it Deborah!
      And yes, we’re going to continue working on this. More exposure. More focus. Relaxing and carrying on. It’s the only way.
      Started yesterday already – some small kids waving lollipops and running around by the arena. We went anyway, and she did pretty good…
      Have a wonderful start of this busy show season. Lots of travel ahead for all. Enjoy your down time as well. Beautiful moments ahead when all quiets down here and there for sure.
      And best of luck!


    1. 🙂 Yep, that’s pretty much how it felt. I was sort of proud we stayed in the arena, and managed to pull off the movement at the right letters too 🙂 The rest, oh well!


    1. Thank you – that’s very appreciated. I know that most of the time, when it all comes down to the nitty gritty, it’s always the rider’s fault. Trying hard to keep that balance of respect for her as an animal, while still agreeing on a good work effort. It sort of works 🙂
      Always happy to show, regardless!

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