And just like that, it warmed up again.

Winter blankets gone.  Coats almost shed out.

Tack lockers emptied of winter stuff.  Fly spray at the ready.  And where are the fly masks..?  Can’t seem to stop picking at every single little crusty chestnut.  For spring cleaning or something.

riding with jacket on

Already miss riding with a jacket. There are pockets for a phone with music then!

No need to be jealous – buckling down for some serious sweating soon.  Probably just a few weeks.

It’ll be the same thing as every year when the heat sets in – chock.  Denial.  “What now, it’s supposed to be THIS hot?!  Seriously, it’s impossible to go on doing anything in temperatures like this, people can die!”

spring riding and not sweating

Enjoying spring like crazy right now – all 10 days of it!

Riding is so much better in a jacket.

dressage with gray horse

14 thoughts on “And just like that, it warmed up again.

  1. I actually prefer to ride in a t-shirt, I love feeling less restricted. I normally put my phone in a running waist pouch, so I don’t miss my coat’s pockets. Want to trade weather? You can have our cold frosty mornings!

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  2. A jacket- yes……14 layers of every clothing item you own with a big puffy coat on top- I am sick of it!! 😉 😛 But I don’t envy your summer heat. Clay and I melt into the ground in anything over 80.

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    1. Yeah, constantly being cold is very wearing. The reason I had to leave Sweden 😉

      80s will be a “cooling off” day for us early fall. A few more weeks and max temp every day will always be 90 or higher. I’m not a fan 🤢😝

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  3. I will be happy to shed my knit turtleneck, fleece vest, down jacket, helmet liner, neck gaiter, gloves with liners, tall socks in my tall boots and toe warmers. However, it snowed today…

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    1. Oh man, I feel for you. Getting ready, tacking off, and especially cleaning up, is really a drag with various limbs frozen 😦
      Somehow the fun riding part usually goes OK though 😎
      Hoping for spring for you soon!!!

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